11 “Secret” Personality Traits of Salesmen Which Will Help You With Sales After Lockdown

“The world is your oyster, it’s up to you to find the pearls,” says Chris Gardener in pursuit of happiness... Well looks like you found your 12 pearls here!

1. Modesty:

Indecency is never attractive! Be it a small gesture of indecency or even a small word or a small sigh, it does hurt people and create a bad impression. A salesperson should never be indecent. Always be modest. Greet the customers with a smile, even if they ask a thousand questions or even repeated questions, do NOT show a sign of irritation.  

2. Conscientiousness:

Not only in sales but also in every department, no matter how small the work is, do it with utmost perfection. Be organized, do the task well, try not to make mistakes, even if a mistake is made, accept it, and try changing it. A lot of people don’t understand the importance of conscientiousness. They make minor mistakes while pitching and ignore it, but the customers are smart enough to catch those small mistakes. Don’t let a small mistake ruin your day!

3. Goal-oriented:

Having a goal for every task. Have a goal every day. “Today I’m going to win three customers!” “Today, I’m not going to hesitate to clear all the doubts of my customers”. But let me tell you one thing! Having a goal isn’t enough, having a plan is also important. “A goal without a plan is just a wish that never comes true”. Plan how you will approach the customers, plan how you will talk, make sure to know the answers to all the questions and doubts! I would like to mention about one important thing. Never think that your goal or dream is big. Whenever you get this feeling, you should always increase your efforts instead of changing your goals because changing the goal will make you stand in the same place, you will never move forward. So, be goal-oriented and always put in efforts to get the desired output

4. Curiosity:

The sale is a field where you have to constantly learn something new and stay updated. I feel it’s a place where you learn, adapt, and change. In such a field, you’re not supposed to just hang on to one feature and not learn about the updates. You should always be curious, curious to learn something new and change. This will make the customers believe that you are suggesting them the right path!

5. Achievement orientation and political orientation:

Always be achievement-oriented and politically oriented. Achievement-oriented is when you are aware of your setbacks, mistakes, how you react to a particular task, and what outcome you are giving. Political oriented is when you try to understand the customer’s needs and his company. When you have these two traits in your bag, trust me, you’re a step ahead of everyone.

6. Amiable:

Now, you might be an introvert and this might be very difficult for you or you might be an extrovert and this might be very easy for you, but, what if I tell you that this doesn’t matter? Being an introvert or an extrovert doesn’t matter! What matters is how amiable you are. All you have to do is display a friendly manner to the customers. You’re entirely a stranger to the customer and he is entirely a stranger to you, so what is wrong with faking your feelings? There’s nothing wrong with it, as the quotation goes “fake it till you make it”. Be as amiable as possible, who knows? You might even get referrals! 

7. Discouragement:

Don’t get discouraged when you face a no. period.

Encourage yourself every time you fall. Your legs will carry you to someplace but other people will not carry you and make you successful. Your life is in your hands and you have to encourage yourself. If not today, then maybe tomorrow you will win the customers. You have to bounce back from sadness and discouragement and compete with your fullest potential every time.

8. Tenacity:

Firmly holding onto the customers and the deal also plays an important role. You shouldn’t give up easily as soon as the customers deny. Even before you start talking to the customers, you should be needing a strategy, a way of dealing, and talking. You should make your move carefully by holding on. But remember! “Holding sand loosely, but precisely will make it remain as it is but holding it tighter will make it spill and trickle through your fingers”. You should know how much to hold on and when to release. Be tenacious and know what to do at the right time.

9. Empathetic:

Building relations with customers is very important. I go to the same salesperson every single time I want to buy something, it’s because I trust him that he will give me the best option. Needless to say, he has built relations over all these years! What you should do is, observe the gestures and words of the customer and act accordingly, think from their perspective, and find a solution. This will strengthen the bond.

Thick skin: Get used to saying no and hearing no. You read it right! Saying no is equally important. Sometimes the customer may try to bargain but you’re supposed to stay strong and say no. The first time, it might be difficult to say no, but later, it will be a cakewalk. So have some thick skin and learn to say no when it comes to bargaining.

10. Communication skills:

Last but not least. Communication skills are very important to deliver the emotions and messages properly. The next step of the customer will depend on how properly you delivered the message. Communication skill doesn’t mean to simply have good language skills, it means proper listening, straightforwardness, transparency, and a proper body language


Now that you know the secrets of being a perfect salesperson, you can now excel in it. But remember, simply knowing isn’t enough, implementing it right is very essential.

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