5 Women Entrepreneurs with Inspiring and Unique Start-Up Stories

Inspiring women entrepreneurs:

The increasing presence of women as entrepreneurs has led the country to the change in the demographic characteristics of business and economic growth of the country.

Women-owned businesses and enterprises are playing an important role in society, inspiring others and creating more employment opportunities in the country.

There is a need for stable growth of women entrepreneurs, to promote a sustainable growth in the country, and the government of India is strengthening the women entrepreneurship ecosystem, through policies and initiatives, and generation of enabling networks.

Let’s see 5 inspiring stories of such women entrepreneurs whom you might have not heard of yet:

1) Nikkitha Shankar – Shoppre.com

Nikkitha Shanker is co-founder of a company called shopper.co. It is a start-up which is into international shipping and consolidation.

What they do is, they provide a virtual address to people living abroad. So people can use that to access Indian e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Jabong, etc.

Since these websites do not deliver abroad currently. So, their packages come to their facility, they give users free storage of 20 days, within which the user can accumulate as many things as they want. Finally, they put them all into one box and deliver it to their doorstep abroad.

The idea behind this start-up is that the founder says she grew-up in Dubai and she is Indian, so she understood that NRIs face a lot of issues buying Indian products so she started this start-up.

This makes it accessible and available at a cost effective and a time efficient manner. 

2) Aparna Thakker – Empower Ji

Aparna Thakker is founder and CEO of a company called Empowerji. At Empower they empower old adults by teaching them technology.

As we know in the past couple of years technology has taken over our lives especially, after the outbreak of coronavirus and pandemic.

Technology inclusion in life has increased to a great extent, it has made life convenient. We love it, but there is a whole generation of people above the age group of 50 who don’t know the use of technology.

So Empowerji bridges that gap by teaching them technology and helping them adapt it. The CEO says that from her personal experiences she saw a lot of old people struggle a lot with technology.

Kids really don’t have time to teach it to their parents. So, they started this by doing workshops later it got developed into a start-up called Empowerji.

3) Seema Bhattacharjee – Aasma Technology Solutions

Seema Bhattacharjee is founder of Aasma Technology Solutions. They create mobile and web-based solutions for their clients. As well as they generate their own in-house products. They present the idea of a super parent.

It is a unique platform to cater all the parenting needs, from choosing a school to choosing a college for their kid as a parent. It also includes nutrition regarding guidance for parents.

It has vaccination, health, apparels; in short anything a parent needs help related to their kids.

They provide age appropriate content to the clients to any parent who has a kid from an age group starting from 2 yrs to 18 yrs. They guide and help parents throughout the process.

This idea came to the founder when she herself was struggling to find a school for her daughter. So she thought a lot of parents face these issues and started this start-up.

They also conduct tours for groups of parents who have kids of the same age group so that they can enjoy their vacation along with their kids.

4) Sangeeta Yadav – Portflip

Sangeeta Yadav is co-founder and director of a start-up called Portflip. It is basically an intra-city logistics aggregator. They are basically Ola for trucks and tempos.

They operate in Mumbai and pune at the moment and anybody who needs a truck or temp can easily book it using their android app or website.

They also have a customer service team to coordinate with the client and solve their issues or queries. Vision of Portflip is to be the premiere logistics organisation in the entire country.

They started this because logistics is very unorganised and scattered and they wanted to make sure that it becomes easier for people and technology has now taken over everything, so why not logistics.

So their mission is to back technology with innovation and dedication. Making it a easy and hassle free experience for people. 

5) Shubhi Aggarwal – Locobuzz

Shubhi Aggarwal is founder of a start-up called Locobuzz. It is a complete customer experience platform which allows you to understand your customer, your influencers, and your ecosystem.

It allows you to establish a relationship with your consumers which can help the client to increase their lifetime value. They do this by using a platform which is driven completely by technologies like AI, Big Data Analytics and Automation.

They have 3 products which help you understand your customers better about their likes, dislikes and allows you to have personalised conversations with them.

The founder shares the idea behind this to enable businesses to understand the importance of keeping a customer in between and then driving the strategies.

The reason for this circumstance is that when a customer is buying something they are not buying your product, when a customer reaches out to a service centre they are actually reaching out for the company.

So they are trying to build a relationship between customers and the company. Instead of working in silence, work together, by creating a complete experience for the customers. 


Women are naturally embedded with the emotions of love. This positive energy they have could be used in managing human resources efficiently. All women have all the resources to manage an enterprise much more efficiently than men.

Women entrepreneurship can only bring about women empowerment in society. Women entrepreneurship is hence, a natural process for women and encouragement of women entrepreneurs is one of the solutions for women empowerment.

Women owned enterprises are highly increasing in the economies of almost all countries worldwide. The hidden entrepreneurial potentials of women have been changing with the rising sensitivity to the role and their economic status in the society.

Skill, knowledge and adaptability in business are the main reasons for women to emerge into business ventures as stars. 

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5 women entrepreneurs with inspiring and unique start-up stories

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