Why Brands Increasingly Need Ideas that are Powerful, Resonant, & Resilient?

Marketing now, for the first time, actually has a chance to be something far more than an imposition into peoples’ lives. In today’s business world, transient high performance is commonplace; it is sustained performance by companies that have power, resonant and resilient ideas that stand apart.

Top 10 Benefits of Make in India for Micro-Businesses

The key ingredient of the Make in India initiative is the labor force. It is opening investment doors and multiple enterprises are adopting its mantra. Momentum is visible across various regions of the country and all the industries are sustainably performing with better growth in years.

Social Media Statistics Every Marketers Must Know in 2020

With access to an almost-infinite ocean of information at any given time, businesses have to seize every opportunity to be in front of their target audiences. Have the right strategies, and your brand can surely take advantage of social media when it comes to converting visitors into customers.

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