How-To Support Vocal for Local Campaign

The gist of “VOCAL FOR LOCAL” is not just to become self-sufficient. It means when you are purchasing an item make sure you are not helping a big company owner to buy another holiday home. Your money should help local vendors put food on the table and be a rescue to their sinking ship. It is about telling the world that ‘What you can do, Indians can do better’.

Social Media Statistics Every Marketers Must Know in 2020

With access to an almost-infinite ocean of information at any given time, businesses have to seize every opportunity to be in front of their target audiences. Have the right strategies, and your brand can surely take advantage of social media when it comes to converting visitors into customers.

Information Technology and Data Security

Especially in developing countries like India, advanced information technology industries have secured a powerful position due to their network infrastructure. They are speeding the work process by facilitating the storage and transmission of digital information. The majority of security breach incidents are either done for ransomware or revenge such malicious intents put generous data to vulnerabilities.

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