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These blogs are for those Micro-entrepreneurs out there who have a passion to grow their business. Here you will find business, finance, startup, marketing, and all sort of ideas for your business growth. 

We are a team of writers with imagination & GRIT to share ideas & knowledge which we have gained from our own experience. 

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Before getting into the blog we must understand what is ' IMPULSIVE BUYING'. Impulsive buying is " the buying of goods without planning to do so in advance, as a result of a sudden whim or impulse." For example, on some lazy days we usually binge watch on Netflix and suddenly have a craving for having pizza and we order it so this whim can be considered as impulsive buying that most of us do nearly every day.
Why do shopkeepers and retailers seek money on your mobile phones than in your pockets? Do they receive additional charges over digital payments? Or do they get benefits over the digital acceptance of the payments?
The entire economy is devastated due to the ongoing COVID pandemic but this situation has enabled us to understand few important necessities of our lives and policies that we should have adapted long back. It has highlighted the importance of non physical or digital transactions; it has highlighted the importance to facilitate the public private partnership along with the facilitation of digital transactions into the MSME sector
What did you do when you wanted to bake a cake during a lockdown?You went to Google to ask for
If you work in marketing, you may be familiar with the 7 Ps of the traditional and expanded marketing mix.
Mnrega a scheme where the Indian government aims to stabilize the livelihood of the rural people by providing at least
Summary:-Small businesses often complain about the limited budget they have to work with when it comes to marketing. They don't
One of the most heard sentence nowadays is “Data is the new Oil”. Is this oil to be used by
On July 10th 2020, a webinar organised by Mumbai Grahak Panchayat took place to discuss the prospect and implications of
SUMMARY As per the ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’, the scheme also comes up with various new announcements and amendments. The scheme for

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