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These blogs are for those Micro-entrepreneurs out there who have a passion to grow their business. Here you will find business, finance, startup, marketing, and all sort of ideas for your business growth. 

We are a team of writers with imagination & GRIT to share ideas & knowledge which we have gained from our own experience. 

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The market has taken a turn, with marketers beginning to understand to make an impact through it. Look at the
“Having trouble finding good employees? Facing a lack of liquidity in running your business? Do your customers interact a lot?
Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises can acquire MSME loans for the extension of their businesses or the set-up of new
One of the most heard sentences nowadays is “Data is the new Oil”. Is this oil to be used by large businesses only? The answer will be “No”. Buckle up, friends. Use this oil and crank up your engines of small businesses.
Summary:-It is a well-known fact that marketing can help a business to take high leaps in the market. Let it
Having a goal for every task. Have a goal every day. “Today I’m going to win three customers!” “Today, I’m not going to hesitate to clear all the doubts of my customers”. But let me tell you one thing! Having a goal isn’t enough, having a plan is also important. “A goal without a plan is just a wish that never comes true”.
Summary:The Finance ministry has exclusively announced the biggest fiscal component of the Aatmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan on June 7. Wherein, Mrs.
Summary:Micro commerce transactions are smaller, and these are mostly related to goods and services that are provided to a customer
Now is the time to say that there was a time of male mainstream in society. At first, the woman
A budget is the monetary/quantitative presentation of business plans and policies to be pursued in the future period. It must

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