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These blogs are for those Micro-entrepreneurs out there who have a passion to grow their business. Here you will find business, finance, startup, marketing, and all sort of ideas for your business growth. 

We are a team of writers with imagination & GRIT to share ideas & knowledge which we have gained from our own experience. 

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The key ingredient of the Make in India initiative is the labor force. It is opening investment doors and multiple enterprises are adopting its mantra. Momentum is visible across various regions of the country and all the industries are sustainably performing with better growth in years.
Micro, Small, and Medium enterprises, commonly called as MSME, can be considered as the backbone of any developing country’s economy. In the context of India, MSME contributes to almost 8% of GDP in the manufacturing sector and 30% of GDP in the service sector.
COVID-19 has changed the way people live their lives. The businesses have to stop waiting for things to 'normalize' and should start adapting the 'new normal'. They should make their sales online and satisfy their customers with 'safety' and 'assurance'.
If your day was going fine till this factual data brought a volcano in your safe social media blanket then don’t worry. Like every trend, the data also changes through the season. If you still have doubt then ask the 90’s generation, they thought Orkut will change the world.
The gist of "VOCAL FOR LOCAL" is not just to become self-sufficient. It means when you are purchasing an item make sure you are not helping a big company owner to buy another holiday home. Your money should help local vendors put food on the table and be a rescue to their sinking ship. It is about telling the world that ‘What you can do, Indians can do better’.
While installing certain software, we tend to give access to our personal information without even minding what all are we giving access to. But don't be alarmed as this is where the Personal data protection bill comes into play. Let's take a look at what it is.
With access to an almost-infinite ocean of information at any given time, businesses have to seize every opportunity to be in front of their target audiences. Have the right strategies, and your brand can surely take advantage of social media when it comes to converting visitors into customers.
Paradoxically, with a capital and the talent to do business in hand, some might require a more innovative business plan. And where are you going to find the workspace and other requirements? I am discussing some business ideas with One Lakh investment, taking the case that you live in a metropolitan city.
Especially in developing countries like India, advanced information technology industries have secured a powerful position due to their network infrastructure. They are speeding the work process by facilitating the storage and transmission of digital information. The majority of security breach incidents are either done for ransomware or revenge such malicious intents put generous data to vulnerabilities.
With a view to facilitate the ease of doing business and reduce the cost and transaction cost the Union Ministry of MSME had announced regarding the new process of classification and registration of MSME Enterprises which was launched on July 1, 2020 under the name of “Udyam registration” through a notification on June 26.

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