Business Ideas For Women Entrepreneur With Low Investment 

Are you struggling to find the right business idea that suits you? There are various business ideas for women entrepreneurs. Some ideas flow freely but don’t work and for others, ideas are vague enough so are never fully explored. So, do choose business ideas wisely. To reach the road of success do consider the following points as they will help you to lead the right choice of a business that you can pursue.

  1. Your expectation from the business: – This question helps you to figure out the reason why you want to quit your job if doing. Are you looking for a second income, want to be your boss, work from home and spend more time with the family or want to contribute something to society.
  2. What you like: – Starting your Enterprises from scratch would need a lot of time, energy and you have to make a lot of sacrifices also. Do choose something that you are passionate about as if you would follow your bliss you will surely conquer the market.
  3. What are you good at: – You need to know your strengths and your hobby like if you are good at painting you can make paintings and market them. It is just that you need to identify your skills and should also research whether such things have a demand or not. If there is no demand there won’t be any sales.
  4. What do you like to learn: – There may be certain things at which you may be good. Still, you need to polish them to enter the market. You need to learn new skills and techniques. Do remember it’s never too late to learn something.

Here are the various business ideas for women entrepreneurs to start with an investment of 1 lakh only.

  • Fashion designing

Business centered around clothes have been the all-time favorite of many women. Do you also love to design clothes for yourself? then turn your hobby into a business. You will definitely earn a handsome amount from it. The fashion designing business requires very little investment. Start from your home, open a working studio in it. Make beautiful attires and share on your social media accounts to market your designer clothes. You will need a machine which will cost something around Rs 20,000, material and other things would cost another Rs 20,000 maximum.

  • Blogging

The demand for bloggers are at a high rise these days. This is one of the most suitable business ideas for females as it gives you an opportunity to work at your ease and from your home. Just build a website and start writing articles on the category in which you have an interest. Search for the topics under the category you have decided to write on which are in great demand so that you can bring a pool of visitors to your website. You can be a food, travel, beauty childcare, photography blogger or any other. Create an app for your blogs that would get countless opportunities for you.

  • Bakery business

Love baking! Then the bakery is just the right option for you. The demand for Bakery products is even on a rise. A little experiment to make delicious better, expertise and a small investment in equipment are all you need to get your business rolling. Start making cakes, cupcakes and muffins from your home and promote on various social media platforms. Do ask your near and dear wants to recommend you to others.

  • Freelance writing

Freelancer is a person who is not employed by any organization or company they are their own boss. They write content as per the needs of their clients. You can even start from your home or small rental office space. Depending on the amount of the work you can charge your fees.

  • Special classes for children

In the present scenario when both parents are working, they do not have much time to spend with the children or engage with some fun activities. So they are always looking for extracurricular activity classes for their children like a musical class, DIY craft, dance class and much more. You can start your own class in which you are specialized. Women have special skills and ability when it comes to managing the children no formal training is required. Your passion will drive your career. You can work on flexible hours from your home. Do let your family and friends know about your classes and advertise a little.

  • Tiffin Service

Students often leave their home for further studies or jobs. One of the biggest problems that they face is that they do not get delicious and nutritious meals in the hostels, PGs or canteens and for how many days one can have from restaurants. It is even costly and not good for health. Indian women are good at cooking food. Thus tiffin service is one of the small business ideas that require negligible investment. Start by targeting students residing at the PGs. Do try new recipes, cruises and take feedback from them so that if required you can make changes as per their taste. Students always miss the food of their home. You can surely fulfill their demand by starting your tiffin service right from your kitchen.

  • Handicraft

If you have fine skills with paper and wood then handicraft can be a nice business idea for you. You can make handmade jewellery, gift cards or something in bead-work. These things are extensively sold in the market today and you can even make good money out of them.

  • Photography

It is such a profession that is driven by passion. You can easily make your mark if you have a flair for photography. Amateurs can even click professional photos with ease, with the advancement of technology in digital photography. All you need is to invest on good camera and to get notice should have a good profile on various social media platforms

If you have an ambition you can bring a business idea into reality. Just follow your passion even though as much as hindrances come in your way.


  • By Vanshika Tandon

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