11 “Secret” Personality Traits of Salesmen Which Will Help You With Sales After Lockdown

Having a goal for every task. Have a goal every day. “Today I’m going to win three customers!” “Today, I’m not going to hesitate to clear all the doubts of my customers”. But let me tell you one thing! Having a goal isn’t enough, having a plan is also important. “A goal without a plan is just a wish that never comes true”.

Top 10 Benefits of Make in India for Micro-Businesses

The key ingredient of the Make in India initiative is the labor force. It is opening investment doors and multiple enterprises are adopting its mantra. Momentum is visible across various regions of the country and all the industries are sustainably performing with better growth in years.

How-To Support Vocal for Local Campaign

The gist of “VOCAL FOR LOCAL” is not just to become self-sufficient. It means when you are purchasing an item make sure you are not helping a big company owner to buy another holiday home. Your money should help local vendors put food on the table and be a rescue to their sinking ship. It is about telling the world that ‘What you can do, Indians can do better’.

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