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One of my favourite quotes of Richard Branson is “We like to give people the freedom to work where they want, safe in the knowledge that they have the drive and expertise to perform excellently, whether they [are] at their desk or in their kitchen. Yours truly has never worked out of an office, and never will.” It so fits to the desire of every person of how work culture should be.Like every other entrepreneur/business we always wanted to have our own theme of workplace ethics and policies without violating any statutory policy laid down by government.

Understanding the need of the hour of an employee. Plus, you have a freedom to hire best people without any limitations. Increased productivity and heightened efficiency ultimately to the growth of the company at the same time always remember one size never fits all. What may fit easily for a tech guy having a desk job may not suit a sales guy doing sales for your organisation.

Let me share the policy points SpiderG follows:Reasons to opt for WFH?

1. Parenting: SpiderG believes in work life balance and thus ensures parenting should get priority. Any employee regardless of gender or the department bias is eligible for WFH policy. Our Employees can happily attend parents meeting, doctor’s appointments without any pressure of task completions. As we understand the importance of parenting.We also let the new parents to work from home as sometimes it’s difficult to leave a wailing baby at the creche (day care) or with the care taker.

2. Emergencies: Our employees can work from home in case of any medical emergency. As many of our teammates are not local residents, we make sure they have enough time to spend at home in case of any emergency. It only helps them work with peace of mind and finish the task on time.

3. Bad Weather: When the weather is bad we allow our teammates to work from home. Majority of us have a desk job and can work from the convenience of our home and finish the task rather than risking a bad weather commute. Even the sales guys can opt to finish the telecommunications, emails etc.

4. Commute: We have an efficient employee, works right on schedule but opting to resign as he/she is shifting the base to the other city. Well we prefer not losing the employee and let them work from home. The management and employee sit down to work how should things be taken ahead, whether he/she can commute once a week? and whatever is decided helps us have a good resource and quality work right on time.

How many days be allowed usually? Are there any exceptions?

Monthly WFH : SpiderG has a policy of 2 WFH every month. We are a start-up and have work pressures where our employees stretch the work hours without being asked to do so. To compensate we allow all our employees WFH on month basis without any carry forward of the same. Anything that holds the employee’s attention necessary, with prior communication with the concerned manager employees are allowed to work from home provided it does not affect the workflow of the organisation.

What should be policy guidelines?

1. SpiderG’s Policies state it clearly that Employer holds the right to revoke the WFH option in case of non-performance or abuse of the privileges given to the employee.

2. We also make sure the employee is available to communicate the updates related to the tasks at their disposal.

3. In case of WFH policy for a freelancer or any new parent weekly status calls and daily work reports are a compulsion.

4. SpiderG being an IT firm understands the security issues and so affirms that employees use

only official laptops, licensed software to work to avoid security breach.

5. Our policy document has an eligibility criteria for WFH. Only permanent employees can work from home. In case of emergency the employees on probation can opt for WFH by writing to the concerned manager and HR. Upon the approvals they are allowed for WFH option.

6. For parenting/ Non-local employees we have a dedicated agreement to sign in case they need a couple of more weeks of leaves.

7. For Sales guys an approved email for WFH option from concerned manager and HR is applicable. When SpiderG was being brought up our management decided to have numerous policies like attendance policy, leave policy and work from home policy in place because a start-up runs on the foundation of good staff support.

As we chalked out our policies, like every new bee we stumbled upon Work from Home policy,Not because we were reluctant but because we wanted to have a proper policy chalked out. Like western countries, India is not use to the trend of work from home policy nor there are any guidelines that govern it. Such policy is totally at the discretion of the management decision.You being a Boss might think what is in it for me or my organisation? Well as an entrepreneur it gives you a loyal member with more efficient efforts as a token of gratitude towards the organisation.In this process we learned that a lot of myths are abolished since we opted for WFH policy:Many told us you are a start-up don’t follow the trend of WFH, people usually done work from home. But when we got engaged with the policy we realised employees are more loyal to the work and organisation. Lesser unfinished tasks, they demand less sick leaves or vacations. The retention rate is good, and we get to see the good results. It’s a win-win for all of us.Try out the WFH trend. The privileges are more than liabilities provided the proper measures are taken abiding the employees to follow the rules.SpiderG App users are privileged to set WFH at a click. As our leaves section has an option to set WFH leaves as per your company policy.

In our next blog we will decode in detail the attendance policy and leave policy we set for our Start-Up.

Harshada Narvekar
Chief People Officer @SpiderG

SpiderG is platform for startups and SMEs to automate their bookkeeping, employee management, Collaboration Management and increase productivity.

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