Pile Of Invoices Records

Do You Still Keep Pile of Copies? or Ease Your Billing With Automated Invoicing System?

As you know, there are many nerve-wracking tasks in business. What if, these tasks become easy?

You use traditional methods to record financial transactions. You fill the details in a copy and gradually, you have a pile of copies. While calculating or checking customer payment status, you need to be very careful in order to avoid mistake or misread any number, as it can make you repeat the whole process or you choose to switch to the easy process, i.e. automated invoicing system so you don’t have to worry of losing any copy or misread any numbers. You don’t have to assign the special day (e.g. Sunday) to calculate or track the payments.

Do you still think it’s good to stick to the old method when you are given smart alternatives?

Of course, it’s not a good idea to keep a pile of copies to track every customer payment status, especially when you have smart alternatives like an automated invoicing system. Let’s find out what’s more it has to offer -

1) Recurring Bills- You can create settings to auto-send bills every month to your customer. You won’t have to open copies every other day to remind customers at the month-end. For instance, you have to check for ‘Aayush Khanna’ and now you have to go through registers to registers to find a name. With this software, the bills will be sent to your customer on the billing date. (Three days before the billing date, it notifies you to cross-check the bills)

2) Reminders – Your customers receive gentle reminders regarding their payments to be made. They receive the reminders with payment link. You also receive notification after every payment; complete and pending.

3) Invoice Track – It tracks if the invoices have been received or seen by the customer.

4) Multiple Payment Options – It allows the customer to pay through the preferred mode of payment. The customer won’t have to struggle to pay due to a lack of options and it would be easy for them.

 5) Reconciliation – It matches all the payments with the bills generated and you can see in a click; partially paid, paid, and unpaid bills. You don’t have to work manually to record transactions. This software gets automatically updated. Stop bothering yourself to use pen and copy after every payment.

The traditional method of recording financial transactions has become a thing of the past when you can have easy access to smart technologies like SpiderG. This system is free to use and only charge minimum cost while transaction, plus it has all the features mentioned above that lets you focus on important areas of your business. Rather than sulking for hours, do smart work.

Finish your hours of work in a minute. Just click, send an invoice, and receive payment! 

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