General FAQ

What is SpiderG?

SpiderG is an e-Billing and Payment collection app designed for businesses to get money on time. We help businesses send automated recurring bills with a payment link so that their customers can make online payments via credit card, debit card, UPI and online wallets. This payment comes directly to the business's bank account. SpiderG also has a smart reminder feature which understands your customer and sends him/her reminders accordingly. There are other multiple benefits of SpiderG, to know more click.

What is Gladiris?

Gladiris Technologies Pvt Ltd. is the name of the company which owns the brand and product “SpiderG”. It was formed in 2015 by Founder Ashwani Rathore and Co-Founder Harshal Ingale. To know more please refer to the our team.

Where are you located?

SpiderG’s headquarters is located in Pune, Maharashtra, India. It has other satellite offices in Mumbai, Delhi & Nagpur. SpiderG is operational all over India. To know the complete address please contact us.

How old is SpiderG? / How many years you are in the market?

Started in 2015, SpiderG is now 4 years old.

How many customers do you have?

Currently we have <> active customer in 4 operational cities.

How much does SpiderG charge?

You can use SpiderG for sending bills automatically, reconciliation/ledger of your received payments, reminders for payments and other features, and it is completely free. The app can be downloaded free of cost from either the Google Playstore or App Store.

We only charge a nominal convenience fee, which is 1% of the transaction amount. Any offline payment (cash, cheque, neft/rtgs) you receive can be entered into the app free of cost.

How do you earn if it’s free?

SpiderG is currently a funded company and does not aim to earn revenues from its customers. We aim to build a strong eco-system for micro-businesses in India. We will grow with our customer’s growth.

How much do you charge for online transactions?

We charge a nominal convenience fee which is 1% of the transaction amount for all online transaction.

Why do you charge 1-2% for transactions?

We only charge 1% of the transaction amount for all online payments. This amount is charged for the payment gateway as a convenience fee. SpiderG also does reconciliation, sends reminders for payments & periodic reports to you, which is completely free of cost.

How can my customers pay through SpiderG payment link?

Your customers can make payment very easily through a payment link. The steps are given below:

  1. Click on the payment link in the SMS or “Pay Now” button in the email.
  2. A customer can review the Bill and make sure all the charges are correct and then click “Pay Now”.
  3. A list of online payment options is shown like a credit card, debit card, UPI and wallets. Customer can select an option from the list.
  4. Next customer can make a partial or full payment. The amount can be edited from the option below.
  5. Click “Next” and verify the “Email Address” and “Mobile Number”.
  6. Customer will then be prompted to enter details based on the option selected for online payment above.
  7. Once the process is complete, E-receipt is sent to the customer automatically.
How long can my customer pay through a payment link? What is the expiry for payment link?

The payment link never expires. A customer can pay through the link at any time.

If I receive cash or cheque from my customer, will I have to pay for it too?

No, any payment received from offline options such as cash, cheque, neft/rtgs can be added in the app without any cost. We encourage our users to make these entries in the app as they will be used for reconciliation purposes.

If I received cash or cheque from my customer, will the amount will show in the dashboard?

Yes, but you will have to mark the bill as paid from the ledger. Follow these steps:

  1. Select the customer from the dashboard.
  2. Click on “+” icon, and select “Record Payment”.
  3. Select the “Payment Method” from the list and enter other necessary details.

These details will be used for Reconciliation & Ledger purposes. An overall collection report can be seen on the dashboard & customer wise ledger can be seen by selecting any customer from the dashboard.

How safe is my data with SpiderG?

Your data is absolutely safe. We have implemented Bank-grade security with 128 bit SSL encryption. No one has access to your data. Our very strong and anti-fraud OTP based login does not allow anyone to log in or view your data unless the OTP is put.

When will the money be settled/credited into my account for payment through links?

Payments done online by your customer will be credited to your bank account in 3-4 working days. However, you will receive an immediate notification of the payment from SpiderG and your customer will receive an e-receipt.

What if an online transaction fails?

All online transactions are carried in a multi-step fashion. Even if one step fails, Government and Banks have ensured that payment is refunded within 5 days back to the payer's account.

Which data/server certification do you have?

We use Amazon AWS services to host our applications. We also use their firewalls to protect our applications. Following are the certifications for AWS: Click Here

If all payments are in cash, then how much charges will I have to pay?

No amount will be charged for offline payments such as cash, cheque and online transfer.

However, we request and encourage you to collect payments online to support our government’s initiative “Digital India”.

When payment dashboard will get updated after payments?

Any payment received online or marked as paid, will be updated within 30 minutes of the receipt. If the payment is not updated within 30 minutes, please use the “Feedback” feature in the app to register a complaint or call our customer support.

What reports do you provide?

We provide 25 different types of reports in excel format.

Is GST necessary?

GST is not necessary. However, we request you to please follow the state/national governments regulations.

Which online wallets does payment gateway support?

Payment gateway supports multiple online wallets such as Paytm, Amazon Pay, PhonePe, etc.

Will I get cashback from payment gateways?

Not currently. This is very much dependent on GooglePay, Amazon Pay, Phone Pay or Paytm offers directly to customers.

If I provide half data, then can you upload it?

Yes, you can provide us half data, if you wish to try SpiderG before making a commitment. We will upload it & once you are happy with our service, you can give us the complete data.

Till how much time we can use your software for trial?

SpiderG is totally free of cost. There is no trial or subscription period. We only charge a nominal convenience fee of 1 % of transaction amounts on every online transaction.

What is the validity of the software?

SpiderG is valid for lifetime.

Does SpiderG support tab (Android, iOS)?

Currently, We do not. But we are always working to expand SpiderG’s technological capabilities.

What if I don’t have a smartphone?

SpiderG can be accessed through either mobile or desktop.

Is it a Desktop App?

SpiderG is available on Desktop, Android and IOS. The desktop app can be accessed via Google Chrome. To know more please get in touch with our support team. (Click Here to Contact Us)

What if I migrate my account from SpiderG? Do you provide my data export functionality?

Yes, we do provide such functionality on request.

How do you ensure no leakage of data?

We are using bank-grade security architecture to ensure that data is secure and privacy protected. Our agreement clearly states we take full responsibility of your data.

Can I log into my account from different devices at the same time?

Yes, you can.


How to create an account?

Creating a SpiderG account is very easy. Just follow the below steps or you can call our customer support, they will create your account and explain all the steps in person for free. (Click Here to Contact Us)

  1. Download SpiderG from Playstore or App Store.
  2. Click “Get Started” and Enter your “Mobile Number”.
  3. You will receive an “OTP”, enter the “OTP” and click next.
  4. Enter details “Business Name”, “Business Address”, “Business Email” & “GST Number”(If applicable).
What is the information needed to create an account?

Name, Mobile Number, Business Name, Business Address, Business Email & GST Number(If applicable).

How do you change your user name?

Our application does not require a username to log in. You can directly login via Mobile Number.

I am not getting OTP, what to do?

OTP can be delayed due to the following reasons

  1. Network Issues: Try to move out in an open area and click Resend.
  2. Third-party dialer: If you are using any third-party dialer app, check the SPAM folder.
  3. Memory Full: Phone memory is full. Try to delete some SMS and try again.

If you have checked all the above issues, please contact our customer care.

What is the optimum benefit of OTP?

OTP is the one-time password, which is unique and generated only for a particular number. OTP eliminates the need to remember passwords and helps us in verifying the user’s identity.

Sign In

How do you change your password?

To change the account password:

  1. Go to “Dashboard”.
  2. On the upper left, click the “SpiderG” icon.
  3. Here you can change your profile and edit your password.
How to sign in?

Sign In into SpiderG is very simple. Just click “Get Started”.

  1. Enter Mobile Number and generate “OTP”.
  2. Enter the “OTP” received and Click “Log In”.
By using email can I log into the account?

SpiderG requires an Active mobile number to log in.

After changing the password will SpiderG send an OTP?

SpiderG sends OTP when you request a change in password to verify the Identity. Once the password is changed a confirmation message is sent. If you have not placed any request to change the password and still receive the message, immediately contact our customer support.(Click Here to Contact Us)

What if I lost my number? How I will reset the password?

In case you lost access to your number and need to access your account, please write a request mail to connect@spiderg.com or support@spiderg.com .We have put in place this procedure for your security.


How do I register or update my mobile number?

Please refer to the How it works section

How to create a profile? And what are mandatory fields for creating a profile?

A profile is created during the Signup process. The mandatory fields are only

  1. Name
  2. Mobile Number
  3. Business Name
  4. Business Address
  5. Business Email
  6. GST Number(If applicable).
How can I update my company name?

Company name can be updated from the profile section of the App.

How to add Bank account details?

Bank details can be added in the profile section of the App.

How to add GST?

Please click on the company logo from the dashboard. In the profile section, you will see the GST number. Tap on it to add GST number.

How to change email id?

Please refer to the How it works section

What are the mandatory fields for bank account details?

The mandatory fields are Account Type, Account number & IFSC code.

Why do you require bank account type for bank configuration?

It is a requirement from our payment partners for ease of transferring amount in your account.


How to add customers?

Customers can be added from the customer icon on the dashboard. Refer to these instructions for full process Click Here.

How to add customers at once/ in bulk?

Please contact our customer support team. They will collect the data and upload it from the backend (Click Here to Contact Us)..

Can I add multiple numbers in one customer's information?

Yes, Multiple numbers can be added in one customer’s information .

Can I send Bills on both customer mobile numbers?

No. The Bill is only sent to one mobile number.

Can I add advance amount?

Yes. The advance amount can be added while creating a bill or subscription.

Can I add deposit amount?

Yes. The advance amount can be added while creating a bill or subscription.

Can I tax details of customers?

Yes. The Tax details can be added while adding your customer.

Can I export customers excel file?

Yes, we do provide such functionality on request.


How to create a Bill?

Please refer to the How it works section

How to send Bills to customers?

Please refer to the How it works section

At what time can I send Bills to the customers. At what time is Bill sending is scheduled. Can I set time?

Bill can be created at any time during the day. Any Bill created is sent immediately. There is no option to set the time of delivery, but we ensure that it is delivered at the right time to ensure your customer is not bugged.

What if by mistake I send a double Bill?

Please contact our customer support. They will help you with disabling the Double Bill. (Click Here to Contact Us)

What is the Bill date?

Bill date is the date on which the Bill will be generated.

What is the due date?

Due date is the date before which your customer has to make a payment. You can also add a penalty for late payment, which will be applied automatically after the due date.

How to add products/services into the Bill for a particular customer?

To add service into any Bill, follow the below steps

  1. Go to Menu. Click “Subscription”.
  2. Select the customer from the list.
  3. Under “Product/Service” click “Add Item”.
  4. Select the service from the list, Add rate and tax amount.
Can I send a Bill to multiple customers at the same time?

No. A Bill can only be sent to one person at a time. You can schedule subscription which can be sent to multiple customers automatically.

How to add the discount amount into a Bill?

Discount amount can’t be added to the Bill. However, you can change the rate of any service while creating the Bill.

What is the difference between “Save Bill” and “Send Bill”?

Save Bill is an option for setting a subscription. This option saves a recurring Bill & sends it later according to the Bill date.

Send Bill is an option to immediately send a Bill. It is an option for One-time Bill.

Can I edit the Bill?

A Bill can only be edited before sending. Once delivered to the customer it can’t be edited.

Can I save one Bill for future reference?

Currently we do not have this feature. We are always working towards.

What if I want to change Bill Number?

Bill number can only be changed before sending it to customers.

While creating a Bill, click on the Bill number and change as per requirement.

What if I want to create a previous date’s Bill and send it? Is it get sent with the previous date?

Currently bill date cannot be set to a previous date.

Can I add multiple products/services into one Bill for one customer?

Yes, Multiple services and products can be added into any Bill.

Can I set units as per my company behavior?

No. However, you can request for this feature by contacting our customer care.

How to add a penalty for not paying bills on time?

Penalty can be set while creating a subscription. You can choose to add any amount/percentage of penalty & the frequency this penalty will be applied to the Bill.

Can I export Bills excel sheet with all the details?

SpiderG sends you multiple reports automatically, for any other specific report you can contact our customer care.

How to delete/deactivate the Bill?

To delete a Bill, please contact our customer care. (Click Here to Contact Us)

Products / Services

How to create/add the products/services that my company offers?

Please refer to the How it works section

Is the application is GST compliant?

Yes, SpiderG is GST compliant. You can add your or customers GST number into any Bill.

Can I add multiple services?

You can add as many services as you want.

Can I add services in bulk?

Yes, contact our support team and we will help you upload all your services in bulk. (Click Here to Contact Us)

Can I download excel file for all the services/products I provide with rates?

Not currently. You can request our customer care to provide the excel sheet (Click Here to Contact Us).