Rely on us to send automated recurring e-bills & follow up for payments. Let’s make ‘money-on-time’ a priority for your business with our easy-to-use app and multiple online payment options.

Send eBills in 3 Easy Steps

SpiderG add customer

Just add your customer

SpiderG services

Select his services

professional online invoicing

Enter amount & taxes

E-bill with payment link is ready!! Send it to the customer via SMS & E-mail.

Smart eBilling

  • Send automated monthly recurring bill as link to your customers via SMS & email
  • Customers can choose from multiple payment option; receipts are automatically generated on payments &
  • Money is automatically settled in your account
Payment Collection App

Payment Collection

  • Payment page with multiple payment option
  • Copy of a receipt
  • Customers can raise dispute over invoices
  • Customers can indicate that they want to pay by cash
  • Notification showing Payment has been settled in merchants account

Smart Reminders

  • SpiderG will send automated reminders to your customers
  • Smartly detects the paying pattern of your customer and reminders are sent to only those who would most likely miss payments
  • 53 % of the customers are more likely to pay after reminders
automated invoice system with reminders
Customer Leadger - SpiderG

Customer Ledgers

  • Ledgers are automatically updated on issue of invoices and receipt of Payments
  • Update ledgers for cash transactions
  • Invoice tracker: Track when was invoice sent, opened and paid

Recurring Billing

Schedule any Bill as Recurring, to auto-send it every month with a payment link. Payment collection updates on SMS & eReceipts are delivered on successful payments.

Three days before the billing date, we will notify you to cross-check the bills. On the billing date, bills will be automatically sent to all your customers

Monthly Bill generator with reminders


Experience secure & hassle free payment collection with SpiderG. We send intelligent reminders to your customers, based on their payment activities & behavior, encouraging them to pay on time instead of spamming their inbox. Compliment your hard work with smart work from us.

Secure Payment Processing

Customers can pay using multiple payment options such as Cards, UPI, Mobile wallets & Netbanking.

All the payments are processed in a secure environment.

Simple Billing generator & Payment Collection App
Payments Collection App - Payment recieved

Alerts and Notification

Get notified on SMS after every successful payment.

Real-time status of all received and pending payments.


Reminders with payment link, so that customers don’t have to spend time finding the bill.

Well managed reminders to encourage payements.

payment tracker and reminders
Pending Payment tracking & Alerts

Partial Or Full Payment

Customers can make partial payment to any bill and receive notification for pending payment.


SpiderG records all incoming payments and matches them so that you don’t have to spend hours doing so, with manual register entries. Never miss a single payment with a complete record of all paid and unpaid bills.

Auto Reconciliation

All transactions are auto-matched with bills generated and shows reports on the dashboard.

Save yourself from hours of manual register entries and record-keeping. Eliminate defaults and delays.

Record every partial payment and send auto reminders for the remaining amount.

SpiderG Reconciliation App
tracking billings and payments - SpiderG

Track Defaulter

Going through registers to find unpaid bills are now a thing of past. SpiderG auto tracks delayed bills and reminds the customer about late payment.


A dispute will never affect your business repute again. Handle them directly from the app.

Experience a smarter way to resolve issues & maintain relationship with your customers.

create bill online & Dashboard
easy bill system & Tracking payments

Invoice Tracking

SpiderG helps you track bills, payment status, disputes, set reminders and provides more ways to stay updated with payment activities.

Track how many times a customer has viewed the Bill.

Track any partial payments and send reminders for pending amounts.


Access a user-friendly dashboard with quick links to handle any task in seconds.


Simple and informative doorway to update you about every activity of payment collection.

View updates on all bills sent, payments pending and payments collected.

easy bill system
payment tracker & Reports


SpiderG will cover for the need to go through multiple statements & registers, Download full reports or summary in multiple formats. Share reports directly for easy and fast tax filings.

Make better business decisions & increase cash flow of your business.

GST Reports

Send GST complied Bills.

Add customer GST details to any bills & taxes applicable.

tracking billing app & GST reports
Customer Support

Customer Support

We have built our customer support access on the app dashboard.

Interactive Chatbot on web portal to help you 24X7.


How to sign in?

Signing in into SpiderG is very simple. Just click “Get Started”.

  1. Enter Mobile Number and generate “OTP”.
  2. Enter the “OTP” received and Click “Log In”.
How to create a Bill?

Please refer to the How it works section

At what time can I send Bills to the customers. At what time is Bill sending is scheduled. Can I set time?

Bill can be created at any time during the day. Any Bill created is sent immediately. There is no option to set the time of delivery, but we ensure that it is delivered at the right time to ensure your customer is not bugged.

What is the Bill date?

Bill date is the date on which the Bill will be generated.

How to add Bank account details?

Bank details can be added in the profile section of the App.

What if an online transaction fails?

All online transactions are carried in a multi-step fashion. Even if one step fails, Government and Banks have ensured that payment is refunded within 5 days back to the payer’s account.

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