Finding Ways to Help Migrated Labors Get Employment in Uttar Pradesh


Hon’ble Cabinet Minister, Industrial Development in the Government of Uttar Pradesh Mr. Satish Mahana addressed a webinar organized by Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM) President Dr. Niranjan Hiranandani along with senior Vice-President Mr. Vineet Agarwal, chairman, Central Region Development Council Mr. Lalit Khaitan and ASSOCHAM Secretary Mr. General Deepak Sood who was the moderator in this 1-hour session held on 4th May in which Dr. Niranjan Hirandani highlighted that China’s role is decreasing and India should grab this opportunity, “Till date there are 40 industries have left china but haven’t come to India and have gone to countries like Vietnam and Bangladesh.”

Shri Niranjan Hiranandani added, “Almost around 120 companies in various sectors like technology, electronics, etc. are ready to leave China, and getting these companies to India will benefit from this and help in solving the problem of Unemployment.”

Hon’ble Cabinet Minister said that in order to help the industries we have identified 3 core blocks(3S)

  1. Support: Supporting MSME’s/ Tiny Industries/ udyogs by sorting the issues faced by availing schemes by the Government of India or the State Governments.
  2. Sustain: There are around 370 MOU’s Signed with the companies and they have started their commercial production, but unfortunately around half of them are facing issues with which the Government will have to help them in dealing with.
  3. Seek: The Government of India is working hard on policies of Foreign Direct Investment(FDI) to attract Industries to come and start their operation in India.

He added that “We are exploring ways to help the labour’s who have migrated from other parts of the country to Uttar Pradesh to find employment in Uttar Pradesh.”

Shri Satish Mahana also told that “The last date for renewal of licenses of the industries has been extended and all the licenses will be considered renewed for the increased period and dues of Industrial Development Authorities for the months of March, April, May, and June have been deferred and Super interest and penalties have been waived off by the Industrial department, and if required we will work on easing it even further.”

Aiming to allocate land to industries to begin their operations “The Industrial Development Authorities across the country have been directed to process the pending applications for land acquisition and close them within a month's time” Hon’ble Cabinet Minister added.


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