Government Schemes For Various Sectors

The government wants that each sector of the economy should flourish. As a result, we will have growth in the GDP of the country. Each sector plays a vital role and has its own importance.

To provide an aid to different sectors the Government have introduced schemes for each one of them they are as:-

Cable Operators

Swasthya Sathi a group health insurance scheme has been introduced by the Finance Department of the government. This scheme works for the benefit of cable operators, sub operators and workers employed under them. The advantages of this scheme ate:- 

  • Basic health cover for both secondary and tertiary upto rupees 1,50,000 is provided per primary member, with dependent family members during the year of the policy.
  • In case of a critical illness like cancer, cardiac or neuro surgery, liver disease, blood disorder etc coverage up to rupees 5 lakh is given to each family.
  • From the starting date of the policy, all pre-existing diseases would be covered.
  • There is no cap on the family size.
  • The state government would pay the entire premium.

Eligibility criteria for availing the benefit under this scheme are:-

  • The operator and workers employed in such business should be primary members.
  • Should be engaged in the business of transmitting cable TV programs.
  • The person below the age of 18 years shall not be treated as an employee as per the labor laws.
  • Coaching

The SC/OBC free coaching scheme is to provide education facility to scheduled caste and other backward students this scheme has been launched by the Ministry Of Social justice and empowerment. Sum of rupees 3000 per month would be provided to local students whereas in case of outstation students sum of Rs. 6000 per month would be provided and an additional Rs. 2000 per month would be given as an allowance. Due to financial problems many capable and deserving students cannot afford proper guidance. This scheme of the government would provide an opportunity for ambitious students. The eligibility criteria and terms and conditions of this scheme are:-

  • Based on academic results, the coaching institution would pick up the students.
  • Criteria for academic results for schedule class and other backward classes students would be relaxed.
  • Only SC and OBC students can apply for this scheme.
  • Annual family income should not exceed 8 lakh.
  • Students can enroll only once under this scheme.
  • Coaching would be provided for both pre and main examination.
  • If selected for an interview then also training would be provided.
  • A student could be banned from coaching if absent for 15 days or more.

Gym operators

As an aim of our honorable Prime Minister Mr Narendra Damodar Das Modi of fit India challenge, the government passes an order to set up gyms in every government department. Every ministry would have to keep aside 500 to 1000 square foot area for the construction of gyms. This endeavour would not only benefit the Government employees but also the gym operators.


Construction of hostel Scheme is launched by the Ministry Of Social justice and empowerment. This scheme would benefit socially and economically backward classes students, especially in rural areas. To build hostel government, would provide a grant:-

  • 3.50 lakh per seat in the North-Eastern region.
  • In Himalayan region Rs. 3.25 lakh per seat.
  • In the rest of the country Rs.3 lakh per seat.

A non-recurring grant of Rs. 2,500 per seat for furniture would be provided.

Quick points of funding:-

  • In the case of boys hostel, 60% of the expenses are borne by the central government and 40% by the state government but in the case of girls hostel, the ratio is 90:10. 
  • Center bears 100% of the cost in case of the union territory.
  • Grant would be in three that is 50:45:5. The last installment would be released only after the completion and occupation of the rooms.
These are some of the schemes provided by the government for the various sectors of the society.


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