Mnrega a scheme where the Indian government aims to stabilize the livelihood of the rural people by providing at least 100 days of employment at minimum wage in a year to everyone who has no or very little education and volunteer to do unskilled manual work.

But what does MNREGA (Mahatma Gandhi Employment Guarantee Act) has anything to do with graduates and even engineers?

 Let’s go through the crashed economy of 2020. After the realm of idiots infected the world with a deadly virus and we all had to bring our work lives to an immediate unplanned halt. The world economy came tumbling down the hill. And like Humpty dumpty Indian economy also broke its head. 

India has always pushed its youth to get basic education because we believed– “Padhega India tabhi toh Badhega India.” But the severe job cuts and pay cuts made it impossible for freshly graduates to even find a job of a peon in a company. They are burdened with huge financial and educational loans. Degree in hand and locks on company door is waiting for them during unlock 1.0. This is where Mnrega comes in.

Mnrega provides unskilled labor at minimum wage revolving around Rs.250 to Rs.350 per day, depending on each state. So when push came to shove the youth did what it had to do and filled the forms of minimum wage unskilled labor. If this doesn’t send shrills to your spine these few facts definitely will:

⦁ Because of the high amount of applications Mnrega has decided to decrease the amount of minimum wage so that it can provide something to everyone.
⦁ The unemployment graph doesn’t rise, the guarantee workdays will increase from 100 to 200.
⦁ A civil engineer in MP is working under Mnrega from the past two months so that he can collect enough money to prepare for IAS exams. His minimum wage is Rs190 per day.

Can we blame the government for this crash? Can we ask companies who are struggling to meet ends to hire these fresh buns from the oven? What can we do?

We can wait for the economy to become stable and mostly support the Vocal for local campaign. Because when you buy made in India products you are creating jobs for Indians who aspire to become more. When you give your money to your local vendor you are saving another graduate from going out of business. The Indian government is constantly working its best to bring jobs in India by asking American and German companies to set up production factories in India instead of China. 

Once Japan was crushed completely by a foreign country but its people and government promised each other that by hard work and patience they will one day win over the world. We are almost in the same shoes as them. It’s time we support the governments in its quest for development. So that one-day Mnrega doesn’t crash with the forms of graduates.