How it works

We have made a very simple and easy-to-use application. You can perform any task within seconds. If you require any more help to understand more about any feature, feel free to reach our customer support. We will be always happy to help you.

Click on any heading to view the process. You can also view a short video which will help you understand easily.

Sign Up

Once you have downloaded the SpiderG app from play store, Open the App Tap on “Get Started”

  1. Enter your “Mobile Number” and Tap “Continue”, you will receive an “OTP” shortly, Enter it and Tap “Continue”.
  2. After this add your “Business Name” and pick your “Business Type” and Tap Continue.
  3. Next, Enter your “Email Address” and “Business Address”. You can also skip this step and add it later on.
  4. On the Next Screen, Enter Bank Details. This is required because the payment received from customers will be credited in this account.
  5. If you have GST number just swap the slider and enter it. And Tap “Continue”

Here is your Dashboard.

It gives you One Tap access to all its features like,

  1. Create bills.
  2. Make Subscription.
  3. Add service.
  4. Add customer.

You will find a live summary of all the payments collected and payments pending.

There is a list of customers at the end of the dashboard, Tap on any customer and view their Ledger.

Let’s start by adding your customers

How to Sign Up
How to Sign In

Add Customer

  1. Tap the “Customer icon”
  2. Following fields are mandatory
    1. Customer name
    2. Mobile number
    3. Add email address (if available). You can also add customer photo by Taping on the image icon.
  3. There are other fields which can be added to easily identify your customers. Such as
  4. Address, Add Tax Details, Add any Advance amount, Deposit Amount and Additional Contact Information.
  5. Tap on save.

Add Service

From App Dashboard, Tap “Service” Button
  1. Add a Service Name.
  2. Enter Rate of the service.
  3. Select Tax Applicable for the service.
  4. Enter the description of the service (if required).
Tap on “Save”, and this service will be saved. To edit this service
  1. Tap on “Menu” From Dashboard.
  2. Tap On “Service”.
  3. You will find a list of all the services.
  4. Tap on any service and edit as required.

Create One-Time Bill

To create a bill to send only once follow the below steps.
  1. You will notice that your business name, bill date, and due date is pre-populated.
  2. To change Tap on the date and select from the calendar. The due date is the date before which payment has to be made by the customer.
  3. Now select the customer you want to send this bill to.
  4. Add the services taken by him. You can add one or many services.
  5. To add a service:
    1. Select Product.
    2. Select Tax.
    3. Add Rate (Final Amount).

The total amount of bill and taxes will be calculated automatically according to your services.

Tap the send button and bill will be sent to your customer, with a payment link.

Your customers can Tap on the link to view their bills.

To make the payment customer needs to Tap on the pay now button. You can see all the available payment options.

Next, a customer needs to confirm his mobile number and email address. And complete the payment process. All payments from SpiderG are processed in a secure and encrypted environment.


Please follow the below steps to set a recurring bill.
  1. Go to the App Dashboard, and Tap on “Subscription”.
  2. You will first notice the “Name of your business”. This will be shown on the top of the bill.
  3. The date of the bill and the due date is pre-populated to today. To change Tap on the date and select from the calendar. The due date is the date before which payment has to be made by the customer.
  4. Enter the grace period. This is the amount of time you want to give to your customer, after which a penalty for late payment will be applicable.
  5. Now select the customer you want to send this bill to.
  6. Add the services taken by him. You can add one or many services. Here you will see 3 details to be entered.
    1. Select “Product”
    2. Select “Applicable Tax”
    3. Enter Rate per Quantity.
    4. Enter Total Quantity Taken By Customer
  7. Select the billing frequency. E-bill will be sent to the customer automatically after this time period.
  8. If you want to add a penalty for late payment you can add it’s amount or percentage of the bill. You can also select penalty frequency. Tap on Save and this bill will be sent on the next bill date.
Customer will receive this bill by Email and SMS with a payment link and can pay you online. Once the payment is complete, your customers will receive an E-receipt for the payment and you will receive an SMS notification. To Edit a Subscription:
  1. Tap on “Menu” From Dashboard.
  2. Tap On “Subscription”.
  3. Select any Subscription from the list.
  4. Edit the subscription accordingly.

Mark Any “Bill” as paid

SpiderG helps you enter any offline payment via Cheque, Cash or Online Transfer into your account. This will help you with the reconciliation and reports.

To enter any offline payments:

  1. Select a “Customer” from the dashboard. You can also search from the “Search Bar”.
  2. Press the “+” button from the bottom.
  3. Tap “Record Payment”.
  4. Enter the payment details and Tap “submit”.

The payment will be recorded and the bill will be marked as paid.



Bills are sent on the Bill Date. You can cancel or view the upcoming bills by

  1. Go to “Menu” from the dashboard.
  2. Tap on “Approvals”
  3. The list of all upcoming bills will be visible.


SpiderG records all your incoming payments continuously and gives you live reports on the Dashboard.

  1. View any Customer’s Ledger by Selecting your customer from the Dashboard.
  2. View Total Outstanding, Total Paid, Monthly Outstanding, and Monthly Paid.

Here you can also Send a new bill, Record offline payment and set a Subscription for him.

All the reports of the collection are sent via email periodically.


On the Dashboard, you can see the reports of pending payments arranged in descending order. Tap on any customer to view the “Customer Ledger”.

To view a list of all incoming payments:

  1. Go to “Menu”
  2. Tap on “Payment”
  3. You can send the receipt to the customer (if required).
Let’s get you accompanied with Menu
  1. Bills: Here you can find all your bills. You can resend them or Use “Mark as Paid” option to enter details of offline payments. You can also create a new bill from here.
  2. Approvals: In this option, you can see your upcoming Subscription bills. These will be auto-sent if you don’t disapprove them.
  3. Subscription: This option contains all the recurring bills. You can edit any bill before it is sent.
  4. Payments: Use this option to view all your received payments and send the receipt to the customer.
  5. Customers: With this option, you can view and edit all your customers. You can also use the search bar to search for a customer.
  6. Services: Here you will find a list of all the services. You can view them as well as edit them.

Support options:

Spider G has other support options to help you understand about the App and its process.

Here you can

  1. See tutorials
  2. View Frequently asked questions
  3. Submit feedback
  4. Call customer care
  5. Understand our Fee structure.
  6. View terms of use


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