How do the 7P’s of Digital Marketing Work?

If you work in marketing, you may be familiar with the 7 Ps of the traditional and expanded marketing mix. Although it is mainly used in marketing as a whole, these methods can also be used in digital marketing.
Let's take a step back and know 7 Ps:

Marketing Mix

1- People
2- Price
3- Product
4- Place
5- Promotion

Extended Marketing Mix

6- Process
7- Physical evidence

How can it work in digital marketing?

In the world of digital marketing, your website is your business. It represents the values ​​and philosophy of your companies, so the content of your website needs to add value, and is relevant to your customers. If your digital marketing activities also follow the marketing mix, you will be well on your way to creating a successful campaign;

1- Price

There are several pricing strategies that you can implement on your website that will make your product stand out for your customers;
⦁ Discount codes
⦁ Online vouchers
⦁ Price cutting
⦁ Packages and bundles

These techniques have worked very successfully on the website in the past. Amazon is a great example of this, generating $258.22 billion in online retail sales in the US during 2018. Amazon vouchers and discounts were a major contributor to these sales, demonstrating how important pricing strategy is in digital marketing.

2- Product

It is incredibly important that users entering your websites see the features and services of your product. With the popularity of YouTubers growing rapidly, companies are now paying them to sponsor their products by creating unboxing videos. This is a great example of how you can share the features of your products to millions of customers.
On your website, you can tailor your product using symbolic imagery. Companies like Apple and Dyson do an excellent job of it, using stunning images to promote the latest features of their product.

3- Place

It may seem unlikely that the distribution of a product can take place in digital marketing, but some businesses are completely dependent on it. For example; Uber has many drivers who are waiting for a phone call through their app to pick up a passenger. The user can easily see where the driver is and can directly contact through digital media.

4- People

People with the advancement of technology, the marketing mix element of people is being widely used online. Now thousand of websites use chatbots to directly contact users to respond to their needs. Social media is also a great service to help customers answer their questions regarding a product.

5- Promotion

There are so many effective ways to use promotion in digital marketing:
⦁ E-banners
⦁ Emails
⦁ Websites
⦁ Social Media
⦁ YouTube
⦁ Video Advertising
⦁ Blogging
And much more!
With so many possibilities to promote your brand and products, why not start with digital.

6- Process

The delivery of your service is usually done with the existing customer, so the consumer has to pay once again how the service is delivered.
The process is all about thinking about how you can improve a user’s journey. Always think about the customers first and what their expectations are when interacting with your websites.

7- Physical Evidence

Almost all the service includes some physical elements, even if what the consumer is paying is intangible. For example; a hair salon will provide a complete hairdo to their customer, and an insurance company will provide its customers with some form of printed material. Even if the material is not physically printed they are still achieving “physical product” by this definition.

So, does Digital marketing works in the 7P’s of the marketing mix? Of course, it does! You can use the marketing mix through digital marketing to bring out your brand and product from your competitors.





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