How To Become An Entrepreneur With No Money Or Experience?

Entrepreneur means one who reorganizes and manages only enterprises especially those involving high risk. In other words, it means a person who sets up a business or businesses, undertaking financial risks in the hope of profit. A clever entrepreneur performs to reduce risk and increase the success of the business.  Do you also aspire to be an entrepreneur? But don’t have any experience or adequate funds. No need to worry now as after reading the whole blog you would surely get the solution to this problem.

Create a business idea

A successful startup needs a good idea as you cannot start your business without having any idea in your mind. A business idea should be such that it should solve the problem of people around you like when people were unsatisfied with the available water purifier in the market Mr Mahesh Gupta introduced the Kent RO system in the commercial market. You will witness growth in your business if you solve bigger problems. There are various opportunities in the market, it is just that you need to start seeing in a different manner to create a unique business idea. If you have a sui generis idea you could easily get finances for your startup. You just need to have an innovative business idea or product and nothing can stop you if you believe that your idea is worth doing the business and it all starts with believing in yourself and your idea.

Make a business plan

If you want to become an entrepreneur with no money then it is vital to have a business plan. It is the model of your business explaining everything about your business: its functions, objectives, growth strategies, how it will generate revenue and much more in detail. Make a simple plan so it is easy to understand. If your business plan is good enough and worth investing there is a lot of money in the market. The only thing you need to figure out is how you can attract it towards you.

  • Everyone starts at zero levels

No one is born experienced. Experience is gained by doing something for a period of time. But before putting your hands into business there are few things that you should learn they are:-

  • Decision making:- There are many to criticize you on any decision you take. Rather than focusing on then, you should make the right decisions by analyzing the future outcome. Some decide after analyzing the data, some by intuition and some by both also. 
  • Keep learning:- Be like a sponge to absorb new things. Adapt yourself to a dynamic environment with new technologies or techniques.

Make something better

Always you don’t need to create something brand new. You will have plenty of customers if you offer an existing product at better quality and even at a low price. You can proceed by making a list of things that you use and are in great demand then, review the list and choose the product that can get a makeover.

Sell online

Having a brick and mortar business cost a lot. But if you become a seller on any online platform you would generate high revenue and could serve in every corner of the world. Just what you need is to have a brilliant product to attract people towards it.

Make contact with rich people

It really does not matter how much you know but what matters is that who you know as your network is your net worth. Start making contact with elite people around you and who will be ready to invest funds in your business.

Know your customers

You should identify your customers and should know about them as then only you will be able to understand their needs. You should know whose needs your product would satisfy so that you can target that. You cannot sell your products or services to anyone as there are different types of customers in the market like some only prefer the best quality and expensive goods, many like cheap and good quality products. Position your product or services according to your customers.

Get inspired by others

See what idea people have come up with, what are its advantages, flaws and how you can overcome these flaws. Add your own idea into it to create a unique business this will help you to generate high revenues. With passing each day you can overcome the hindrances that you are facing that will help you to gain experience and wealth also.

Validate your startup idea with buyer persona research

It is great that you’ve got an idea. But still don’t quit your day job yet. Before you go all in, you need to know if people want your product or not. To safely gauge the viability of your product in the marketplace, do start by understanding your buyer persona. Understand the real people whom you plan to sell to. If your product does not satisfy their needs, they won’t be interested in buying them. No matter how innovative or cool your product may be. This is why knowing the buyer persona and market research are so very important. Once you have identified your client, interview people who fit the bill as it is an important component of the market research. Show them the demo of your product, ask what they like and what they don’t, what would they pay for the product, how often they will use it etc.

Even if there is no way out, entrepreneurs are the people who find the way. You need to be ready for facing rejection, face a lot of thorns that may come in your way, get comfortable in the most uncomfortable situation to reach the bed of roses.


  • By Vanshika Tandon

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