How To Boost Your Business Productivity And Save Time?

Productivity is the key to the successful running of the business. Your business can touch the sky. Whenever we are talking about the productivity of the workplace we are referring to the employees as they are the backbone of any business. The chances of failure and success of the business depend on your staff. You cannot solely handle every activity of your business. Is your business always behind the competitors? Falling short of time to complete the work? Do you want to boost productivity and save time?

Then here are some of the tips:-

  • Good Communication

For improving productivity and to develop strong relationships in working conditions good communication is essential. Conflict can be assured and enhanced relationships with stakeholders can be created. Encouraging open and positive communication at all levels of the organization is essential. Confusion, inability to achieve organizational goals etc are some of the problems that arise due to poor communication, which hinders the smooth functioning of the organization.

    • Encouraging employees to share their opinion.
    • Welcoming queries and questions.
    • Organizing team building activities.
    • Asking feedback for improvement.

These are some of the ways by which you can improve communication thereby boosting the productivity of your business. It is often said a business that communicates well is one that performs well.

  • Positive Working Environment

Praise employees for what they are doing well and focus less on what they are getting wrong to foster a positive working environment. A happy working condition motivates employees to do better, thus improves the overall productivity of your business.

  • Flexibility

To increase productivity owners are recognizing the need for flexible working hours as demanded by the employees. It would be a good idea to make people work at their most productive time. Giving them the task, a deadline and flexible working hours would make them feel trusted, empowered and even their work would be of high quality.

  • Delegation

If you delegate responsibility to your subordinate it would improve their morale and job satisfaction. They would feel a sense of achievement and would put all their bit to fulfill the task if given a chance.

  • Avoid Distraction

Phones and social media can be the main cause of killing productivity but you can’t have no phone policy. Try encouraging your employees to switch off their phones or stay away from their mobiles while working and give them regular intervals in which they can use their mobile phones. This will ensure that more productive time is spent at their desk.

  • Provide Right Equipment

Right equipment should be provided to the employees so as they can perform their duty effectively and efficiently. Like it would be counterproductive waiting hours for printing when you don’t have fast printing machines. Use accurate tools to save your time and efforts.

  • Stick to a task at a time

Multitasking would sound time-saving but this isn’t true. Putting your hands in all the tasks would make your work mediocre. Complete one task and then move to another one. This will not only save time but also increase your productivity.

  • Reduced Meetings

Meetings are essential but can be a waste of time and reduce productivity too. Only important meetings should be scheduled.

  • Better working conditions

Employees spend hours in the office, therefore, a comfortable working environment should be provided so that they can complete their work on time without any obstruction. The temperature of the workplace should be between 20 to 21 degree Celsius, proper ventilation, lighting, both heating and air condition system as per the season etc should be provided.

  • Training

Training is an important part to increase productivity. It would keep your workforce engaged and would also make their work more interesting. This would not only help employees but also employers.

These are some tips by which you can improve your business productivity and can also save time.


  • By Vanshika Tandon

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