How To Create Demand For Your Product & Service?

In this stiff competitive environment, you should be sui generis from your competitors to have a growth in demand for your product and service. Think out of the box ideas and have a market standing. Eccentric ideas for your business can take you a long way.

Here are some of the ways by which you can concoct demand of your products and services they are as:-

  • Cable operators

We cannot imagine our life without television. They not only entertain us, connect with the rest of the world but also we can learn many new things from it. We can enjoy our non-stop favorites on television just because of cable operators as they are the ones who deliver signals directly to our TVs. There are various competitors in the market and you need to be unique so as the demand for your service increases. Same channels are provided by all the operators and the cost of each channel is also set up by TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India). Now the question is how you can be a horse of different color? Here are some of the ways by which you can be far better than your competitors:-

    • By offering better after-sales services.
    • Offering a free channel say for 5 to 10 days as freebies are loved by all.
    • Special occasion discounts like Diwali scheme can be paid for two months and get a one-month subscription absolutely free.
    • Bulk Discount, it would be like if customers take an annual plan a certain percentage of discount would be given to them.
  • Gym

To succeed in sales various strategies are offered by different gym experts. A freakish growth is being observed in this sector from past years as more people have become health conscious. You have to constantly update and evolve yourself to keep up with the demand of the market. Need to boost the sales of your gym? Then these under mentioned points would surely help you:-

    • In this tech-savvy era, you should have a well-updated website of your business as it acts as the first direct interaction between your business and your potential customers. Do remember the first impression is the last and if your website is not up to date how can your customers expect your gym to be?
    • Add videos of how you train, equipment that you have at your gym, packs provided etc as videos increase conversion rate by 80%.
    • Hold creative events, these would surely take you a long way.
    • What can be better than referrals and over it giving a discount!
  • Tuition or coaching classes

Did you know what is the market size of Indian private tuition or coaching classes? it is  $ 15 billion. It is a wide platform that is helping many new tuition and coaching classes to emerge. Here are some of the cost-effective ways to attract huge bulk of students towards your classes:-

    • Have an online presence:- In this scenario of the pandemic when everyone prefers digital medium, you should also, as the first-mover advantage, have an online presence. Online presence does not bound you to an area. Students from all over can join your classes. Be a part of the online world, it would help to bridge the gap between students and teachers.
    • Word-of-mouth Advertisements:- Parents or students usually take feedback and rely on the opinion of the existing students. Trust and confidence can be created by word of mouth advertisements.
    • Sell what you are good at- Choose the subject or course that you are good at to teach and also has a high demand in the market. For instance, teaching a subject like French won’t attract many students as compared to a subject like maths, accountancy etc.
  • PG Hostels

With the increase of migration of students for their higher education, PG hostels have emerged as a consequential business and many have also advented expanding into chains. Safety is the prime concern of all. Your PGs should be located in prime areas like near the college and marketplace. One of the biggest drawbacks faced by the majority of the students is the quality and taste of food. To turn students around your hostel do provide them with healthy and tasty food, a safe and secure environment at an affordable price. Rooms should be neat, clean, spacious and airy too.


Your business would surely flourish if you try out some of the ideas that were mentioned above.


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