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Honorable Prime Minister’s call for "Aatmnirbhar Bharat" is inspiring, motivating, and empowering. It encourages us to buy local, and be vocal about it to spread this message further to may others.

While our national young men and women have started this journey by protesting “Ban Chinese Products”, like the public hero Sonam Wangchuck.

But our full support is only possible when we take our business to our local heroes. Firstly, try and understand “What is vocal for local”. This campaign stands for your business going to your local vendors rather than online or big brands. It is not just about supporting Indian brands but it is actually about supporting your local micro-businesses. When you buy from these people you are putting food on their table and when you buy from a brand you are helping them renovate their house for the 5th time. So the next time you are buying Say no to China cap online (which is actually made in china), take a step back and ask your local creators if they can provide you with the same. We millennials can achieve anything we put our minds into. If you doubt that just remember Instagram would have been a digital album if you wouldn’t have changed the way of clicking and posting. So shout it out from your heart this #VocalforLocal. 

 It seems almost impossible to incorporate “Vocal for Local” in our life all at once but these small steps will help you change your lifestyle in an easy and fruitful way.  

10 Product changes you can make in your daily life to support this great national cause:

1) Instead of packet chips buy dried potato chips from your local vendors and fry those at home. It is also a healthy option to avoid the panda look this lockdown.

2) Dine or order from your local cafes and restaurants rather than big branches of food chains. If you own a business and have trouble reaching your customer for orders. Create an online website and start accepting online orders in just 2 minutes:

3) Purchase vegetables and fruits from the street stallers and avoid going to the supermarket.

4) Give a chance to local shoes and slipper house and let go of your favorite brands for a while. It will also keep your own and (for some) their daddy’s pocket green.

Indian Bangle Shop

5) Buy more handprints and regional decoratives for your house and loved ones and avoid the famous Hallmark tradition.

6) Opt for local beauticians rather than branded salons. 

7) Try local sweet shops for that dessert hunger pang and cut down on packet chocolates produced by big companies. Missing Gulab Jamun is a legit feeling.

8) Opt for local cable operators for entertainment and withdraw your services from big corporations.

9) If you are a Bride to be, then please give some of your business to local boutiques and tailors, rather than big showrooms.

10) Purchase any electronic from the local dealer rather than ordering online.

3 Indian Apps in replacement for Chinese Apps

We know it is not easy giving up your precious one plus, Oppo, and other expensive mobile phones. But you can certainly switch to Indian apps from the play store.

  • Bolo Indya Vs TikTok

Hands down we all have shared and made this God of musical nonsense lately.  But its time to change our pattern. Try the Indian app Bolo Indya where they post similar music videos but they have got class, unlike the other one. Not everything and everyone goes viral.

  • Camera Plus Vs Beauty Plus

You have been living under the rock if you don’t know about the Chinese app Beauty plus. It enhances your pictures like a professional photographer. It will be difficult for the social media influencer to make this change in life but you must give Camera Plus a fair chance before you discard this replacement idea.

  • Indian Air Force Vs PubG

I have covered my ears for the coming profanity over this one. I know the fan following and enthusiasm over this game. But to all the gamers out there, take out some extra free time over your game time and try playing Indian Air Force. Pretty sure after playing your JOSH will be HIGH SIR.

The gist of "VOCAL FOR LOCAL" is not just to become self-sufficient. It means when you are purchasing an item make sure you are not helping a big company owner to buy another holiday home. Your money should help local vendors put food on the table and be a rescue to their sinking ship. It is about telling the world that ‘What you can do, Indians can do better’.

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