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How to use social media to market your business better and effectively?

Social media has emerged as a powerful platform where businesses have found way to market their products and services effectively and in a whole new way. Being present online on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, is like gaining some amount of visibility already. While this is half the battle won, the crucial step lies ahead.

Boost up your social media presence, one needs to adopt strategy to get it right and to reach out to the next level of customers who can help you scale up your business.

To begin with-

Outreach through organic search can get an x number of followers, agreed! But if you are expecting to reach out to specific set of audience whether locally or even across geographical boundaries then it is the paid social media strategy that can be of help to you.

Organic vs Paid Search

Paid search allows you to pay to have your page or website displayed on the search engine results page when any person types the specific keywords or phrases that is particular to your business. Organic Search on the other hand, is an unpaid feature that gets natural ranking determined on the basis of the Search Engine Algorithms.

Organic Vs Paid Promotions

Use of free tools provided by respective social media platform can help you build a community, connect and participate. This is done through regular sharing posts, responding and discussing on the page/forum. Paid promotions through any format like text, image, video, carousel etc., allows users to sponsor messages on social media network. Cost is incurred by the advertiser on the basis of per click (therefore, called as CPC-Cost per click)

Adopting a Strategy that is right for you

With the ever-evolving social media landscape, small businesses have immense potential to discover through advertising on Social Media platforms. As users of social media, we have witnessed local business pages like gyms, fitness classes, hobby sessions being promoted. Likewise, businesses have seen conversions and increased user base as a result of such promotions.

The capabilities of attracting the right target audience through paid search is beyond doubt. Businesses need to be aware of the end-user and mindset of the social users so that they can tailor their messages, accordingly.

This proves that the right use of social media can help businesses achieve desired results at any point in time. Here are some of pointers that one needs to look into-

-Decide between paid and organic search and promotion for your business

-Be consistent and post at regular intervals

-The content has to reflect what you intend to convey

-Make sure you post the regular doings and happenings of your business. This gives an insight into what you do and what is new

-Keep track of return on investment through social media

-Have a payment gateway that can power payment processing needs on social media. Ensure that it is integrated with state-of the art security features and protects your user base as well

-Use apps and online billing software like SpiderG for regular tracking of payments and receivables, reconciliation of statements and keeping a tab on delayed payments.

-Fix a budget and take professional help of a digital ad agency if needed

To sum up, social media is an indispensable tool for small businesses in the present times. Whether it is about retaining your existing customers or targeting potential customers, it is worthwhile exploring the features and applications in entirety for the platforms-for this is where the world is present during the present times. The advice to small businesses is to use social media platforms-generously yet effectively and use the right strategy to reach out to your existing and potential customers.

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