Importance of Website for Micro Business Owners

What did you do when you wanted to bake a cake during a lockdown?

You went to Google to ask for the recipe. Digital India is all about giving authenticity and identification to all every business owner. Even a small café in a small city has recognization over Zomato. Why? As it gives a sense of security to the customer.
I can ran for two hours about why you should make your business digital. But a normal cable owner will ask what would that bring them? A milkman would ask if that will make his cow give more milk. A sweet shop owner would ask if that will improve the footfall in his shop.

My answer to them is:
Having a website won’t affect the financial graph directly or immediately but it will create a sense of presence to the people in your city. Whenever they will search your name or your business, they will feel elevated knowing it is all authentic and as per the mark of modernization. It will help you achieve these things:

  • You can put up authentic pictures of your products and create a sensational buzz about your business.
  • Put up real customer reviews in the form of words or videos to attract more business
  • Give an authentic address and join hands with business apps like SpiderG that can make your ride as a business owner smooth in the testing times of corona. These payment collection apps will solve your bad debt and person to person contact problem.

Having a website is like entering a tortoise race. The progress will be slow but it will be rock-solid steady. Top 5 benefits of having a website:-

  • If you are someone who is starting with little or zero investment then a website is a foolproof way to take your business to new heights without spending a bank on marketing.
  • You can always give your web link to future customer or investor who is not a resident of your city.
  • You can set up a payment gateway and turn your whole business digital.
  • After the pandemic, everyone wants a product that is available to them without much human contact. A website is a professional and smart way to publicize your business.
  • You can always take your small business to metro cities without having to go there in these dangerous times. A smart website and a lot of help through affiliate marketing can take your business to its miles stones.

Today you can hire a web designer starting from Rs.100 to Rs.10000. But the making of digital India urges every small or big business to have an online presence. Because when situations like a life-threatening pandemic arises, only a smart business owner can thrive through it without falling in the cracks of debt.

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