Rely on us to send automated recurring e-bills & follow up for payments. Let’s make ‘money-on-time’ a priority for your business with our easy-to-use app and multiple online payment options.

Send eBills in 3 Easy Steps

SpiderG add customer

Just add your customer

SpiderG services

Select his services

professional online invoicing

Enter amount & taxes

E-bill with payment link is ready!! Send it to the customer via SMS & E-mail.

Smart eBilling

Our App is also your smart Hisaab Ki Kitaab. Don’t spend time in matching and recording payments. SpiderG records & updates you on everything! We ensure you never lose track of the sent e-bills and payments. Track date of delivery, sent reminders, partial payments and full payments.
online billing app
Payment Collection App

Payment Collection

Collect payments online via ‘multiple secure online payment’ option. No need to wait in long queues to deposit cash. Received payments are auto-credited to your bank account.

Smart Reminders

Send reminders on SMS so that your customers never miss the due date. Let SpiderG make sure you get paid on time, while you focus on growing your business. Smart reminders are designed to avoid spamming. We analyze customer’s paying patterns and remind them accordingly.
automated invoice system with reminders
Customer Leadger - SpiderG

Customer Data

Our Customer Support helps you convert your registers into digital sheets & keeps them secure in our cloud storage. If the data is already in digital form, you can upload directly into the app and start collecting payments.

Recurring Billing

Schedule any Bill as Recurring, to auto-send it every month with a payment link. Payment collection updates on SMS & eReceipts are delivered on successful payments. Three days before the billing date, we will notify you to cross-check the bills. On the billing date, bills will be automatically sent to all your customers
Monthly Bill generator with reminders


How to sign in?
Signing in into SpiderG is very simple. Just click “Get Started”.
  1. Enter Mobile Number and generate “OTP”.
  2. Enter the “OTP” received and Click “Log In”.
How to create a Bill?
Please refer to the How it works section
At what time can I send Bills to the customers. At what time is Bill sending is scheduled. Can I set time?
Bill can be created at any time during the day. Any Bill created is sent immediately. There is no option to set the time of delivery, but we ensure that it is delivered at the right time to ensure your customer is not bugged.
What is the Bill date?
Bill date is the date on which the Bill will be generated.
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