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Micro commerce transactions are smaller, and these are mostly related to goods and services that are provided to a customer on an individual basis. SpiderG is a platform where micro payments are successfully run. The easiest way to collect payments, a personalized website and what not!

Every coin has two sides and so does commerce! Micro commerce transactions are smaller, and these are mostly related to goods and services that are provided to a customer on an individual basis. Flip the coin and now you have macro commerce, which is all about larger transactions involving hardware related things, furniture, and much more. The world concentrates on macro commerce, but what is it actually that runs the world? It is definitely micro commerce! 

SpiderG is a platform where micropayments are successfully run. Not only does it concentrate on the payments, but also gives the micropreneur a personalized website! Isn’t that amazing?

Sardarji meat shop is a meat selling company that chose spiderG as its platform. Now that’s a smart decision! When the world got hit with COVID-19, we all got affected in different ways. But the hardest hit is the daily wage earners and micropreneurs. They fear starvation more than the virus itself because they are out of income. SpiderG supports such affected micropreneurs at this difficult time, and in the future too. When the lockdown was imposed, all the non-essentials were closed and people stopped going out to buy things. It became very difficult for sardarji meat shop to earn and that’s when

spiderG stepped in! Sardarji meat shop quickly created an account and got a personalized website and all the transactions were made through spiderG.

This helped them be economically stable again. Now, they have:

  • The easiest way to collect payments
  • A personalized website
  • A reliable platform
  • A secure transaction way
  • A customer support team.

Now you must be wondering how you can get all of that. Well, it’s just one download away!

How to create a website in four simple steps:

  • Download the app from the play store
  • Register your company
  • Click on create/update your payment website
  • Add services, about and the social media handles and click on save and tada! Your website is created

The below pictures are from the Sardarji meat shopper's website. Have a look at them!

Now, you can place orders through the app! Wait, why don’t you discover the app yourself and find out about more features? What are you waiting for? Go ahead! Create your website using spiderG and enjoy the services!

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