Mr Nitin Gadkari Inaugurated Technology Centres To Boost MSMEs

Technology is the most crucial part of every business. With machines, computers, internet etc work has become convenient, less time consuming and less expensive also. For instance, if you are into the business of textiles early you have to employ more people to get print on the cloth and it takes a lot of time also. But, now you can choose the design and put the cloth in the machine. The machine will do all the needful. It has made the daily processing of business activities so easy.

If you adopt new technologies for your small business then your business would contribute more to the economy than in the past. Technology offers security to small businesses by enabling them to withstand a highly competitive environment and also give an advantage for trading.

Below are the benefits of technology for your small enterprises:-

Technology helps to market your business

By having a website and using social media, you are already using some of today’s technologies to promote your business. You can leverage technology in other ways also. Various software and tools can measure the effectiveness of your marketing strategies to help with your brand designing. At every stage of your marketing journey, you can utilize these tools for both finding and attracting potential customers to your business.

Technology secures your business

By having advanced technology you can have a standing in the market and can also protect from frauds. For instance with CCTV, access controls, and alarm systems in place, you can protect your business from various threats. In today’s tech-savvy world you also need to secure your business from hacking. As a business owner, you need to gain your customer’s trust, and for this, you need to have appropriate security measures in place. 

Technology aids productivity

You have a lot of tasks to be performed and like many, you probably wish you had more time in the day so as to complete them all. Till date, there isn’t any technology to slow down the time, but there is surely technology to aid your productivity. By increasing business efficiency you can get through most of your to-do list at a faster pace than if you were still reliant on manual processes. Technology can streamline many of your usual tasks, from managing your accounts to improving your sales processes you can do all with it. 

Technology allows for mobile working

With modern technology you and your employees can work from anywhere at ease. You can carry your mobile office on your phone or computer.  Many employees and business owners crave a better work-life balance, you can utilize these technologies to bridge that gap.

In the view to boost the technology of micro small and medium enterprises so as to advent growth and prosperity of the country Mr. Nitin Gadkari the minister of MSME via video conference inaugurated two technology centers. One situated at Visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh and another one at Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh.

The main aim of these centers is to make India’s automobile industry worth 10 lakh crore from 4,50,000 lakh crore presently within the next five years. Around about 2,50,000 students are being trained at these centers. They are being taught to work in normal tool rooms as well as in the robotics areas as per Mr. Pratap Chandra Sarangi the minister of state for MSMEs.

Three extension centers of big technological centers and seven mobile Udyam Express were also inaugurated. The mobile vans will go from village to village to make people aware of the various aspects of entrepreneurship and will also impart training to them.

There has been an estimation that after the establishment of these technology centers, an additional capacity for skilling four lakh trainees and assisting one lakh MSMEs has been created to provide technology, incubation, skilling and for providing advisory support to the small scale businesses in the country.

These centers are a step toward ‘vocal for local’ to make India more globalized in the near future. The centers are equipped with multiple cutting edge manufacturing technologies that would help to increase production thereby reducing unemployment and would help achieve the dream of a self-reliant country.

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– By Vanshika Tandon

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