Need of Automated invoicing software for small businesses and micro-SMEs

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automated billing software for small business

Small businesses and micro-SMEs besides forming a sizeable portion of the Indian Economy reflect the vibrancy and activity of the mainline life of the people of the country. They contribute significantly to employment generation, innovation and inclusive growth of the economy, for which reason the development of this sector is vital from the economy and growth perspective.

So, what ails this sector?

  • Lack of access to easy credit and risk capital -scaling up of business becomes an issue here
  • Lack of adoption of technology and capacity building
  • Perennial problem of delayed payments
  • Too much energy and resources spent on finance management and accounting
  • Financial and accounting shortcomings leading to financial mismanagement

The crux of the matter is that adoption of effective tools for financial and accounting management is the need of the hour

Automated Billing Software for Small businesses and SMEs

Technology is an indispensable aspect of a dynamic business landscape. This explains why all businesses-small to big have to adopt the right accounting and financial tools for effective billing solutions. This enables them to stay competent with the others as well as achieve their full potential which otherwise would not have been possible.

There are many advantages for those businesses who have been able to successfully integrate their accounting systems with technology and online tools. Automated follow up of payments, reminders for overdue payments, reconciliation of statements on real-time basis, communication between the customers, access to payment transactions; the list seems to be endless.

The end-result is that the business owner will be able to manage finances and accounts effectively at the click of a button. This helps reduce costs and energy and manage resources effectively. Doing away with the manual process and adapting digital medium also means that you will be able to run, operate and manage business with little or no human errors.

SpiderG as one of the most prominent among the online billing tools in India

SpiderG is an online billing app that is especially designed for small businesses and micro SMEs. The app is loaded with a host of features which enable businesses to have complete access to their finances and accounts. Whether it is about invoicing and billing or payments and reminders, reconciliation of statements, SpiderG will provide complete solutions and guidance for the same. This is a free-to-download app which attracts nominal charge on per-click basis. Users of SpiderG have found it to be a reliable and secure tool that is loaded with easy-to-use features.

Automated billing software such as SpiderG has helped a number of micro SMEs and businesses who have integrated their businesses with this new invoicing tool. The end-result is better management of working capital, integration with technology and tools and tracking of resources effectively and efficiently just with a click of a button from any corner of the world.

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