Payment Collection- A Duck Soup with Payment Collecting Apps

Are you still following the traditional method for collecting payments in this digital era? Then this is one of the hindrances in the path of growth and development of your business. Adapt to the changes and use payment collecting apps, which will save your time and money too, that can be invested in a most optimum way. You can focus on other important operations by using such apps. Manage business from anywhere and at any time just a single click of your mobile.

The Benefits of using Mobile Payment Collecting Apps are:-

Send Reminders

No need to follow up again and again for payments as these apps would automatically send reminders for the invoices that are due. A lot of time is wasted figuring out whose payments are due. With payment collecting apps you can exactly know the number of invoices whose payments are not received and would also be able to save a lot of time.

Ease In Handling Disputes

A dispute can be resolved very easily and efficiently without having any effect on the goodwill of your business. With these apps, you can inform about the progress of the dispute and can accelerate resolution for the same to your customers.


No need to take your blood, sweat and tears to manually match the incoming payments with that of bills. These apps auto reconcile all the transactions. They also help to do away with the manual goofs.


One can forget their ID’s, file or documents but, would never forget their mobiles. Can you imagine your life without a mobile? The simple answer to this question is “No”. We cannot stay even a single day without our cell phones. Then no need to carry your heavy wallets, shuffle for exact change or carry your cards everywhere and remember their details. Make payment and collection convenient with these apps.


An extra layer of security is provided. Make your transactions safe with biometric fingerprint scanning and with a one-time password (OTP). These apps even secure your data and never share with anyone.


Previously many small scale industries that were operating in remote areas were unable to accept card payment, which often led to a decrease in sales. Through payment collecting apps your customers can make immediate payments from anywhere just by a tap of a button. This would increase your customer base and sales too.


Per transaction charges on debit or credit card are comparatively higher than that on these apps. This would equate to direct saving for your company.


Quick service is loved by all, and payment is the least favorite part of shopping. Why use the old school method of standing in the queue when you can pay or receive payments through your mobile devices. Time-saving is directly proportional to the profits, as you can accommodate more customers at the same time.

Multiple payment options

Various studies have proved that offering multiple payment options to the customer can lead to getting paid fast, thereby improving the cash flow position of your business.

Digital payment collecting apps are safer, easier, less expensive and moreover when you collect payments digitally, they go directly into your business account. Start using such apps and make efforts so that your business does wonders. Collection of payments would become like a duck soup with payment collecting apps (try our SpiderG app now).


  • By Vanshika Tandon

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