Problems faced by cable services

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Photo by Vidal Balielo Jr. from Pexels

In the earlier blog, we saw how cable services evolved and how it works. We get to know that cable service providers act as a mediator between broadcaster and consumer. Man Customer Watching TelevisionIt needs to take care of both parties with a more focus on consumer satisfaction. Whenever there seems to be a problem in the system, government intervention is imminent. TRAI rules may be implemented for the overall benefits.

Cable operators faced great difficulties in moving from analog to digital platforms. With the arrival of major players in DTH service providers with their HD content and various lucrative offers, cable service providers have to face tough competition. Subscribers of DTH have multiple options to select channels for example North Indian will prefer not to see South Indian channels or vice versa. One of the major challenges is the payment options available to customers of the cable operators. Many rely on hard cash but a wide variety of payment options in DTH service is a plus point for their customers.

Recently TRAI rules created havoc among the cable operators as it gave ultimate transparency and customers to select a bunch of channels, what they want to see and the burden is transferred to cable operators as they don thave flexible plans due to lack of digital payments. This COVID pandemic also created a kind of insecurity among the cable operators to grab the new customers and to retain the existing customers as the broadcasters don’t have any new content to show. That is why they are repeating the old famous shows to retain their customers. We see a lot of programs such as Mahabharat and Ramayan have created a record-breaking customer base in the past days.

Besides the problem there is always an opportunity is hidden. In a lockdown, there is a growth of OTT(over the top) broadcasting and new movies of big stars can be seen on Hotstar, amazon prime, NetFlix, etc which will give benefit to cable operators as they provide internet connection along with cable services. The availability of cable operators on different payment platforms will create a kind of security in the minds of the customer. Their offer of pay after use is very much beneficial for creating a new customer base. Even during bad weather people can entertain themselves if they have opted for cable service. This clarifies that with minute changes cable operators can have an edge over the DTH providers. On a lighter note one sentence for cable operators, due to rising demand of OTT, ”You are supposed to kill them not to join them.”

Author: Pratiush Kumar

Degree:- Pursuing Post Graduate Diploma in Global Business Operations from Shri Ram College of Commerce, B.Tech in Electrical Engineering from KIIT University

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