Psychology of selling: 12 Tips to actually win your customers!

A lot of people think that the best way to sell a product or to pitch is to simply tell the advantages of buying that product and the product’s features. But, it’s not that simple, it’s much deeper than what you think and see. Psychology! The literal meaning of it is “the mental characteristics or attitude of a person or group”. Psychology of selling is very crucial and everyone out there should learn this art. When you master this art (which is only through practicing), you will be able to win your customers by satisfying their needs and the services they want. But, how do you master it? What exactly are the tips? When should you implement it? Should you take suggestions from your seniors? Should you take a course online? Or read books?

Oh, come on! Time is running and right now, what you need is an ultimate guide to master the art. Just 12 tips are what you need! Go ahead, Give it a read.

  • Bottle up your emotions

You read it right! Don’t let them know what you’re feeling. A lot of people out there actually think that showing a lot of enthusiasm will help them win the clients. But that’s not true at all! When salespeople get emotionally involved, they stop thinking objectively, they fail to tackle the situation in a better way, and things don’t go the way they wanted, 

The next step you should probably do is to understand the client’s emotions! Understand the emotions, make the situation favorable and then make the move.

(Pro tip: If this is your first time selling anything, make sure to practice on your friend before approaching a client. This will help you build your emotional stability, build your strategies, tactics to talk and what not!)

  • Understand the customer’s needs and pitch accordingly

Every lock has a different key! Similarly, the key to give a proper service is by understanding the customer’s needs. Consider the customer’s needs as an opportunity to bring the best out of your service, The basic needs that every customer needs are accessibility, options, control, fairness and transparency. So, when you are pitching about your product, make sure that you satisfy the basic needs in order to gain the attention of the customer. 

(Pro tip: Before pitching, put yourself in the customer’s shoes and try to understand the situation from their point of view, write down the strong and weak points and then proceed.)

  • Don’t rush! Let them speak, listen and then respond

Remember how Geet in Jab we met had to rush every single time to catch a train? Well, Sales really doesn’t work that way! Patience is the key here. When you are speaking to the customer, you have to wait for them to speak entirely,

This adds a lot of feathers to your cap. Firstly, you will understand the customer’s concerns. Secondly, the customer will start trusting you because you are listening to them. Lastly, this will affect the long-term relationship positively.

(Pro tip: Maintain eye contact when the customer speaks to you and give small gestures like nodding your hand, saying yes in between etc. This will ensure the customer that you are listening to them properly.)

  • Do not, I repeat DO NOT force them

You should never force a sale, this will only give a bad impression and the word can spread very quickly. When you are in a position where you’re forcing or requesting the customer several times, it means, you already have lost the customer, there’s no point in requesting, and it is simply like “charging a fully charged phone”! Instead win the customer by inspiring them about the purchase from the very beginning.

(Pro tip: When you feel that you will have to request the customer, interest him with offers and discounts or talk about the numbers of your company.)

  • Ask them questions

Asking questions is one of the most important things in sales. It helps keeping you and the customer on the same page, It helps in building the trust, it also leaves a good impression. 

Examples of questions which can be asked:

  1. What are your buying criteria and success criteria?
  2. What level of service are you looking for?
  3. What are your main struggles and how would you want us to help you?

(Pro tip: Sometimes, just sometimes, you can ask a question to which you already know the answer if you feel that, that particular question might strengthen the bond.)

  • Make sure it’s a two-way conversation

This is not a zoom call with your teacher to just sit quietly and listen, this is sales and it’s very important to have a two-way conversation. It brings valuable insights, keeps you on the same page, and you will know how the customers think. It helps you solve problems in a better way, it helps you understand the customer’s needs, the customer’s expectations and what not! 

(Pro tip: Ask them to give a feedback. This gives them an impression that you want to learn from your mistakes, it also makes them emotionally involved a bit.)

  • A little touch of your personal life

Why personal life? Doesn’t that mean to be emotionally involved? No, the answer is NO. You don’t have to be emotionally involved, but you can create an impression that you actually are. Relating a few things to your personal life will make them trust you a little bit more.

(Pro tip: Even when you don’t have a personal life experience or example, just make one, it shouldn’t be too complicated, it should as simple as that.) 

  • Justify using facts and figures

Regardless of what you sell, people will mostly buy based on the emotions he’s going through, but don’t forget the role of facts and figures. People always love the facts and figures. Facts are something which can be trusted and figures are something which represent the company and its worth. So, before kick-starting the entire process, do make sure to go through the facts and figures involved.

(Pro tip: While pitching, talk about the facts and figures of another company too for comparing but do NOT tell out the name of the other company unless and until asked.)

  • Less options

When you’re talking to the customer, make sure to give him less options because giving him more options will only make him confused. How to choose the options to be given? Based on the company, economic status, state he lives in etc.

(Pro tip: If there are five services which costs 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50, and you have to choose any three options and according to their financial condition and company it will be better to choose “10, 20 or 30”, give “30, 40, 50” because then the customer will choose the least i.e., 30 but if you give them “10, 20, 30”, the customer will definitely not choose 30.)

  • What’s in it for them?

People out there always think about the consequences, what they will achieve, profit, loss and so many other things. So, you should always explain them the profits. You should explain about the service you are going to offer, their needs which will be satisfied, their goals and everything else which will tempt them to buy your product.

(Pro tip: Make a list of the customer’s goals, needs before approaching so that while pitching, you can easily talk about the advantages if they buy the product.)

  • Crowd following people

“Birds of a feather flock together”. There is a lot of competition in every industry out there, But people often don’t choose a unique path because they’re afraid of being left out and here’s when we are supposed to step in. When pitching, mention that a lot of similar companies out there chose the same service and that they’re excelling in that. This will make the customers think deeper about their company.

(Pro tip: Make a list of the customer’s competitors and know information about them so that their information can be used while pitching.)

  • The hour matters!

The hour definitely matters. Call them at 10 in the night, I’m pretty sure they’ll turn into a hulk within seconds. Call them in the early morning, worse! Probably they’ll assume you’re Thanos and quickly flick! Choose a proper time to call them.

The best time to call:

  1. 11:00am – 12:00pm
  2. 4:00pm – 5:00pm

(Pro tip: The best day to call is “Wednesday”.)

What are you waiting for? Go and grab your opportunity!


Psychology of selling is very crucial. Read the 12 tips or “the ultimate guide” to sharpen your sales skills using psychology to win your customers by satisfying their needs and the services they want by mastering this art.

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