Social Media for Your Small Business

In the present world where everyone is stuck in their busy schedule, social media acts as a link between you and your friends, it’s importance does not restrict only to this you can even build customer engagement with social media by having an online presence of your business.

Anyone from all over the globe and at any time can visit your online store. Can get to know about the product or services you offer and can purchase the same. You can even promote your business easily on social media. You need to decide on which platform you want to have your business presence.

Right choice of the social media platform for your business is very important. One should research where their customers spend most of their time and get started.

The various social media platform options that are available are:-

  1. Facebook

More than 2.4 million people use Facebook every month. Two- thirds of the users visit Facebook to interact with the businesses. Facebook is the most effective way to increase engagement with your audience.

2. Instagram

It can act as an asset for your business. Instagram is better especially for visually appealing B2C businesses. There are more than 16 million active monthly users of Instagram who use Instagram not just for looking at the photos but also for learning about new brands.

3. Twitter

People of all ages and with different interests use Twitter. It is best for sharing information, news, and for sharing links to your website. 

4. LinkedIn

Searching a platform for B2B? Then LinkedIn is the best option for you. It is a professional network that helps to build credibility, and increase organic traffic.

5. Pinterest

It is one of the valuable tools in your social marketing arsenal. This platform is mostly preferred by fashionistas, artists, or make-up artists. Do post the images of your product with the link that directs to your website for purchase.

6. Snapchat

Want to target traffic youngsters for your business? Then use Snapchat. Most of the audience on Snapchat are under the age of 24. Much more of an instant-reaction platform, it is ideal for quick-fire and for video-based content.

7. YouTube

YouTube is one of the unique ways to create brand awareness through videos, but you won’t get many clicks to your website from YouTube.

Choose the social media platforms that best suits you, the 10 things that you should do on social media to have an organic traffic for your business is:-

  • Complete your profile

As it is said that the first impression is the last, your social media profile is the first impression of your business. Therefore you should complete and regularly update your social media profiles. Those who have partially completed profiles appear to be less professional.

  • Interact with your customers

You should always try to communicate with the audience, reply to their queries, comments, review and should try to tag as much as you can. To save time you can also set automatic replies to answer simple questions. Customers feel valued if you respond to them.

  • Share Thoughtfully

Think before you post as your post is the representation of your business. Don’t post something that coincides with your business, set some guidelines.

  • Optimize Photos

Social media is extremely perceptible. You should add as much as photos you can on your profile and should use your logo as your profile image. The images should be of good quality. This can act as a room to maneuver to showcase your brand to the customers.

  • Perfect Your Timing

An effective way to increase engagement with your customers is to post at the right time. Delivering your content when most are asleep, not online, etc would not have an impact on your content. For attracting a whole lot you should post at the right time.

  • Use Hash tags

For having a growth of your business on social media using Hash tags are essential. They are must for having a consistent stream of new interest in your brand. Search Hash tags helps the audience to search using specific terms. For instance, if a customer searches for a Hash tag that you use, your post would appear thereby increasing the chances of following you.

  • Understand Your Target Audience

Every business is oriented toward a specific group of audience and makes impeccable efforts to meet their needs, therefore, identifying your target audience is one of the most critical and important steps to building a strong social media standing for your small business.

  • Use Videos

Using images is not enough, to gain the attention of your customer add videos. It has been witnessed that marketers that use videos generate a greater return on investment. Be different from your customers by using video content on your social media platform.

  • Use Emojis

As per recent research the brand that uses emojis in their marketing strategy gets a higher click. Social media is the fastest way to advertise your brand and you can add icing to the cake by using emojis in your posts.

  • Use catchy captions

You can spark loads of engagement by using the right caption with your post, photos and even with your videos. This can attract your customers and also give them a description of your business.

Now, here are the 10 things that you should avoid to do on social media:- 

  • Don’t only promote your business

Continuously posting about how great your business or how your services are the best, sounds fake! and would also make your customers monotonous. Posting about your achievements, products, services, etc once a while is fine but, if you do it on a regular basis would end up with losing the faith of your customers.

According to the general thumb rule, there should be 80% content and 20% of promotion on your social media page as customers do not follow to hear about how tremendous you are all the time. Some of the ways by which you can get more audience are by:-

    1.  Blog post
    2.  Games
    3.  Quizzes
    4. Behind-the-scenes snaps
    6. Query solving session
  • Don’t ignore negative comments

You should positively take negative comments as they would help you to improve. You should deal with negative comments with an open mind instead of whipping back at them.

  • Spamming

One of the biggest mistakes you should try to avoid is spamming by sending links of your content and sales promotion on all social media platforms. Sending automatic and spammy links won’t work, rather try to engage in conversation with them.

  • Posting low-value content

You should not post content just for the sake of posting. Posts help to draw attention but unless the content is extraordinary and amazing, and do remember the content is like a mirror of your business.

  • Don’t buy your audience

You will be tempted to grow your followers on a  fast pace, for the same buying audience is not a good idea. Numbers do not matter, the satisfaction of customers does. Having a single customer who engages with your brand is much better than having hundreds just in number. Be satisfied with organic traffic.

  • Too much content

People follow you as they are genuinely interested in knowing about your products, services, offering and events. Posting too much is a bad idea. Give time to them to react as no one has too much patience and time to read so much.

  • Posting without a strategy

Posting anything is just a waste of time and you will end up with nothing. Plan a strategy about the type of content you want to showcase on your social media.

  • Using impersonal front

People like interacting with humans and not with artificial intelligence. Faceless organizations are out of place on social media. Add a human touch. For instance, if customers comments on one of your posts do respond to it.

  • Using foul language

Don’t ever use foul language as it is an aggressive stance, and you can be aggressive for promoting and marketing your campaign.

  • Posting insensitive content

There is a difference between being humorous and posting insensitive jokes. Think twice before you do something like this as you will lose your customers if you behave in an insensitive manner.

Now, just kick start with the most suited social media platform for your business to have growth and boost in the returns.


  • By Vanshika Tandon

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