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Tips To Define Company’s Joining Policies

You work in an IT company as a HR Manager? – (Gossip: Aacha Package hoga? Life set, koi kaamnahi). To all those who think so? this blog is dedicated to them specially. 😊Glorious life of an IT.

Startup starts its journey from someone’s small room ->flat->Shared Spaces->Open office culture to finally a formal IT Setup.Sailing through the rough waves, building products/services, shaping it from a thought to a visible fact with the team spirited to see it grow is a fun journey of a small boat rowers cutting in the opposite direction of the waves. 😊

With day and night smart work product is ready and you approach a Venture Capitalist, then you are questioned about the regulatory, compliance, legal aspects as a firm.

Clueless young company who has shaped a free, happy-go-lucky culture now needs to be Schooled with policy implementations.Not everything you see online fits with the idea of startup nor everything that is followed by big ventures is easily implementable for us as a Start-up. Few things are mandate, and few are not. Few things might change once the Company grows exponentially.

Here are few tips to keep in mind if you decide to make the company policies:

1. Define your company’s culture to the HR/Legal consultant. To help them understand what all can be included to fit in the culture of your organisation.

2. Define the hiring pattern. Whether you hire freelancers, consultants or full-time employees or mix of all. As it usually saves the expense of office space, in office snacks, travelling time everything that matters to run a start-up with less cash burn. It helps the consultants define the policies accordingly.

3. There are separate agreements defining the consultant/ freelancers hired by you. The contract will bind the consultant to the timelines of the project. Don’t forget to add confidentiality clause ,payment terms, ownership of the product and assignment etc.

4. Answer the questions on Company property. As usually in IT setups we give laptops to all the employees. Your Company policy should define a clause of “Loss of Company Property”.

5. Mention the leave types you want to have in your organisation. Also keep a note that there are few regulations around leave policy that define the maternity leaves, paternity leaves and national holidays mandate as per the law. The legal consultant will guide you through the list. Or stay tuned for our blog that describes “Things a CEO should know about leaves”.

6. Company’s Joining Policies are for long run. You can change as you grow but there are few things you should remember to include the offer revoke clause, leave clause in the probation, appraisal clause, transfers in future, termination clause, Gratuity, PF, Insurance, notice period clause, accommodation to be provided by the company etc. Insurance policy for your employees if you have?

7. Tell your HR/Legal consultant how you maintain the personal records of your employees and other documents. 8. Your Joining Policy should include employee referral policy, Performance Improvement Programme and training programmes..

9. Start-ups are known for flexible work timings and work from home policies, but it is always

important to define it in the joining policy. To know more about Work from home click on “Decoding Trends: Work from Home”.

10. Share the Appraisal system or incentive system you are looking for. To know more in the detail about suitable incentive types click on the link: “Tips to Invest in Employees and Why?”

Life of an HR in a start-up setup is life on skates. You are actively involved in everything rolling around regulations, legalities, communications. It’s a cross team job that challenges you to enhance the area of your skill sets. Learn from scratch. Thus, the journey of HR Policy Implementation suitable for us starts with the help of Consultants best in the industry.Schooling us setting up policies keeping the young company’s flat hierarchy culture in mind.

So, the first lesson begins not with A for Attendance but B as in Beginner’s Policy (Joining Policy). We started with the advice and consultation of our legal consultant (Mrs. Radhika Bali).

The sessions with our consultant were perfect. Her Legal team chalked out every possible question for us then we had 3 settings with them. We answered all the questions, they were patient to answer all our queries. To and from communication were clear and crisp. We were at ease to follow the process as Radhika Ma’am and her team were ready to clear all our doubts given at any point of time in the process of implementation.It suddenly made us realize that every start-up goes through this stage once in its life time and so we decided to share our experience.Well if you wish to fall in our steps, simply click on to get the Joining Policy tailored for us by M/S Radhika Bali and Associates. If you are a start-up/ SMEs looking for a tailor-made policy exclusively for your start-up.

Feel free to connect with Radhika Bali and Associates.

Harshada Narvekar.
Chief People Officer @SpiderG
(Special Thanks and Credits to Mrs. Radhika Bali and her team)

SpiderG is platform for startups and SMEs to automate their bookkeeping, employee management, Collaboration Management and increase productivity.

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