Top 10 Ideas for Micro Business In India

Micro businesses contribute the most to GDP of India. From 30% to 35% of the total GDP of which 99% is the micro business sector. As we all know lockdown has grown our creative brain drastically. Are you thinking of starting a micro business? Do you want to be part of this creative field? But you are still exploring. There are new businesses emerging daily in this sector. Let’s help you find out your passion more deeply. As the first step to start a business is to know what you want to offer by your business.

Why to look for Micro Business ideas?

  • You don’t have to invest your entire savings into it.
  • It can get you more profit with less investment over years.
  • It is lower on the risky side.
  • You can be your own boss and work for your passion.
  • You can monetise your talent.

Here is the list of top 10 ideas you can use to start a micro business.

1) Social Media Manager

You can manage social media of different brands. You yourself are a user, so if you think you keep up with trends and can bring their company to limelight and boost their social media game, then go for this.

Work profile-

  • Creating engaging content for the social media audience of the company you are working for.
  • You should be updated about the recent trends.
  • Increase their followers and help them reach a wider audience by collaborating with different social media pages.
  • Add hashtags relevant to your content, people following that hashtag will come across your post.
  • Interact with your potential customers and reply to the comments of people who appreciate or ask questions about your company or post.

You can earn around Rs 50k in this job profile as a freelancer or with your team depending on the budget and work of the client.

2) Event Planner

Individuals who have experience in event planning or even have a high active organization with communication skills; you can try your luck by being an event planner. Event planning takes multi-tasking and good managerial skills; it needs a creative head too for planning unique venues etc.

Work profile-

  • Find event gigs and work only if you can accommodate their requirements.
  • Plan the event with the ideas and expectations the client has and organize it.
  • Co- ordinate with all the organizers efficiently like caterers, decorators and everyone in between
  • Proper budget management
  • Hire good volunteers and professional team members.

On an average, an event manager can earn around Rs 50-70k depending on the client.

3) Airbnb

If you have an extra room in your apartment or an extra space or apartment all by itself why not put it up on Airbnb that can help you earn some cash from the rent you receive.

  • Rent your place on Airbnb
  • Answer all the queries by potential customers
  • You can be the host of your guest but there is no compulsion.
  • Get paid by Airbnb

Depending on the services that you provide to the guest and location of your Airbnb, you can earn anything around Rs 30k to Rs 1 lakh from this.

4) Web Designer

Web designing is a field that has been noticeably rising for its demand in the business world. Since the internet started it has increased rapidly. It has a high demand for employment of creativity and talent.

Work profile-

  • Create a layout of the website.
  • By using technology build website functionality.
  • Design elements of navigation
  • Add right graphics, color schemes, font, etc.
  • Keep updating the website according to the expectations of the client.

Web designers can earn around Rs 20k to Rs 50k per project they work for as a small business in India.

5) Graphic Designer

A graphic designer can work independently on desired products and services by the company. They can pick projects from online platforms or recommendations.

Work profile-

  • Build a proper layout of the product or service provided by the company you are working for.
  • Building a good colour scheme.
  • Creating required sketches for clients as per their expectations and desire.
  • Designing logos.
  • Designing brochures.
  • Curate content from magazines.
  • Editing creative videos.

Graphic designers usually earn around Rs 20k to Rs 50k per project.

6) Online Store

Opening up an online store on social media platforms or stores can help you sell your products and services. You can put up your products online and earn money.

Work profile-

  • Building your online store.
  • Communicate with your potential customers on a timely
  • Record your payments receivables and remind your customers if pending.
  • Deliver the product on time with courier service.

An online business can give you maximum profit depending on your reach. Sales and earnings of every sale multiply by time.

SpidergG can provide a very good and efficient automated payment and collection system.

7) Online Bakery

If you enjoy baking and want to build your micro business around it, you can start an online baking business where you can customize cake orders for your customers for different occasions. You can put pricing according to the cost and effort it took to bake a cake order.

Work profile-

  • Create offline bakery items you will put into your menu for your customers.
  • Build your menu with pricing, pictures and different options.
  • Receive orders from your customers. Ask if there are any customisation they want to go for
  • Deliver orders on time with proper packaging and messages customised for your customer, it can help you build goodwill about your business.

As an online baker, one can earn anything around Rs 20k to Rs 80k per month.

8) Ghost writing

Ghost writing is a very new term in this field; it is more of a full-time work but works based on projects. If you belong to the writing industry, you can write novels as a ghostwriter for other individuals while earning thousands of dollars from a single project.

Work profile-

  • Write a story, novel or biography from a person’s narration.
  • Get paid for it project wise.

As a ghost writer, projects can get you anything from Rs 50k to Rs 2 lakh per project.

9) Blogging

As a blogger you can earn good now-a-days. There are a number of good ways to earn with blogging like doing sponsored blogging, writing paid reviews, selling subscriptions etc.

Something on, how to start writing blogs? And how to earn more from blog, click here.

Work profile-

  • Writing high quality content for sponsored brands.
  • Using keywords within SEO to increase the popularity of blogs.
  • Getting paid by Adsense, promotions and collaborations for it once you finish your tenure.

Bloggers earn around Rs 756k per month depending on the size of the brand you write for. In India blogging businesses can get you this much amount.

10) Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the growing fields among our internet generation, which allows users to earn money by marketing or selling some other site’s product on their blog or websites.

Work profile-

  • Promoting goods or services provided by other brands on your YouTube channel or website.
  • Getting paid by % of your share for each product or services promoted by your website or network.
  • Being paid for CPA (cost per action) affiliate programs according to your % of share.

Pursuing affiliate marketing as your micro business idea can get you around Rs 50k per month.

This is a tutorial video for beginners in affiliate marketing on YouTube check it out for understanding better.

The scope of micro businesses and start-ups has been exceptionally rising globally over the past few decades. With the emergence of “make in India” the country is moving towards being a self reliant economy. It is a great time to kick- start your business now. Be your own boss and go for it.


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