Before getting into the blog we must understand what is 'IMPULSIVE BUYING'. Impulsive buying is " the buying of goods without planning to do so in advance, as a result of a sudden whim or impulse." For example, on some lazy days we usually binge watch on Netflix and suddenly have a craving for having pizza and we order it so this whim can be considered as impulsive buying that most of us do nearly every day.

Store Environment: Mostly all the customers are exaggerated by the internal environment of the store. The retail settings of stores are influencing the response of consumers for in-store and future store decisions as well. The environment of the store and physical appearance influence on consumers’ decision for selecting a store.
Window Displays: Due to a change in consumers' choice, taste, use pattern & purchasing, every retailer tries to maintain the strategy of prioritizing customer satisfaction. Widow Display associating with consumer’s purchasing attitude has physical charisma and charm of a store influences customer choice of store.
Impulsive buying nature: The impulsive buying attitude of people is unreflective so the purchase cannot be made without judging the product. People have a habit of focusing on instant satisfaction rather than on resolving pre-existing troubles which leads to instant purchases.
Income Level: Studies prove that a high level of income leads to impulsive buying, people with a high level of income tend to spend more than the ones who earn a low level of income. Hence, it proves that the capacity to buy any product depends on the income one earns.
Store Apparent Characteristics: Researches show that store ambiance has always played a major role in customer influence. The major buying decisions depend on store size, store, store credibility.
Unexpected Cheaper Prices and Discounts /sales/ specials: All of us somewhere would agree to this that as soon as there is a price drop or any sale starts every person runs to the stores. Discounts, cheaper prices have always been a major influence on customers.
Credit Card: Since the usage of credit cards has started, it has persuaded many customers at impulsive buying because it has cut down the extra effort of an individual to go to the market. The use of credit cards has made us all adopt online methods of shopping. There has been a greater usage of credit cards worldwide. People have changed their traditional patterns of buying.


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