Treat Your Customer Right

Since the time man discovered fire evolution never stopped for mankind. The evolution in the business world would the boom of digitalization. We live in the age and era where we order stuff online after checking ratings and reviews and even watch movies after being assured by various online sources that it will be worth our time.

The ability to recognize the customer's disappointment and solving the issue is the priority of any digital-based business as the muse of bad customer service reaches more ears than the praises. It is really the top priority to get in touch with your customers whenever they feel dissatisfied or their touch screen will put a wine stain on your white business. The proverb “ALL ACTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES” couldn’t fit more perfectly anywhere. 89% of consumers stated that they stopped doing business with the companies who were not diligent towards their complaints. Poor customer service is the main reason for 8 out of 10 companies going bust.

So how do we act upon the paradigm of this problem? Like they say diamonds cut diamonds the solution is also a very high-tech, low-cost innovative way. It is called growth hacking in the world of digitalization. Top 3 ways to treat the customer right by allowing your business to boom are as follows:-

1. Psychographic Segmentation

“Know Thy Friend”….. Shakespeare did say when you know your friend enough you know how to direct them as per your needs. Psychographic Segmentation is dividing your consumer personnel upon their traits, interest, values, attitudes, etc. But why do it? Predict your consumer behavior!!! While this may not be the exact science you were looking for but by following the steps of psychographic segmentation you will be able to predict the nearest possible reaction and outcome of your methods in the consumer market. This will enable you to modify and develop your product by putting your resources in the right sector. For example:- If you are posting something on social media you will be able to find out the aptest buzz word so that it will generate the targeted traffic with your targeted consumer, making you the coolest person at the table.

 2. SQL Query ( Structured Query Language)

 The SQL query is the most powerful data handling tool around. In today’s world data is everything but to manage it one has to master the art of data management. We need to know the language that is understood by the data bases to play efficiently in the market with your compiled data, and that language is SQL. SQL will help you perform actions like update, retreat, manipulate, and store data on the relational data base.

3. Web Development

If emails are the oxygen then websites are the eyes of digitalization. Aadhar card is a requirement for our government in India likewise the customers need a website to confirm the authenticity and sometimes even the existence of a company. While there are many ways to set up a website the important factor to note here is to establish a portal that is available for the customers 24×7 in case they need to contact. A helpline number would be a cherry on the cake.

The man didn’t just land on the moon one day; it was years of failure and then the technology blessed our kind to achieve the unthinkable. Spend time with the constant change in the world of digitalization as it will be the main help for your business to achieve the great heights apart from hard work and happy customers.

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