Technical up-gradation to current cable services

Change is inevitable, but adapting towards a particular change is always beneficial. Technology is changing every day and with that competition and challenges are also growing among the industries. As in my first blog we get to know about cable services, we saw how fast the cable services changed, from radiofrequency waves to analog mediums where people preferred to used coaxial cables over the former. Later on, with some problems in analog signals, there is some up gradation in technology and we moved towards digitalization.

There are so many problems in adapting a particular change but once the problem is faced efficiently then there comes the path of growth.

In the recent past, we have seen a gradual shift of people from using traditional ways of viewing the television. They are more inclined towards the OTT contents. In the previous blog, it is mentioned. For example, Netflix, which started its business in 1997 as a disk provider but after knowing the consumer behavior and understanding the technology, entered into OTT content provider. The future of the television service is that only. As we are seeing that broadcasters such as zee, sony, colors, star have their own OTT contents such as zee5, sony liv, voot, hotstar respectively. It is leading us towards the IPTV(internet protocol television). Where users will get a high-speed internet connection to stream their desired content.


This lockdown has also escalated the process of shifting users towards such a platform. As the tussles are also growing between the ott service providers and the multiplex industry ( for more details just click here. This shows how fast people are shifting their preferences toward the latest technologies. This situation is a kind of benefit for cable operators who not only rely on broadcasting the channels but also providing internet services to their end-users. Soon, we can also see some major up gradation in this field. Till then just keep exploring. Are you ready for an upgrade?Angry Obama Meme

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