SpiderG Useful and Effective Advertising hacks for your micro-business

Useful and Effective Advertising hacks for your micro-business

Advertising and promotions for micro-businesses have become an almost inevitable aspect for a simple reason that you want to stay ahead in business and stay in the market for a long time. Today, it is all about being visible to the customers and the right target audience at the right time. While there is no sure-shot formula on what will work and what will not, there are various strategies which can be adopted by the micro SMEs to target the right customers. What works during present days is a combination of both online and digital promotions as well as conventional advertising. 

So, ADOPT BOTH platforms to make your presence felt!

The Mantra here is that You should be visible when the customer is looking out for the product or service you are offering. 

There are a number of hacks that Micro SMEs can adopt for various advertising and promotional activities. The following few have been compiled taking into consideration of the fact that the Micro SME’s have limited budget for advertising and other promotional activities and want immediate customers to keep the business ticking. 
Be visible in your neighbourhood. 

1)  Go local : Be visible in your neighbourhood.

  • distributing fliers and leaflets to the local residents who can be your potential customers.
  • Newspaper inserts especially on the weekends also are effective means to reach out to a large number of people.
  • Hoardings and banners: at some of the conspicuous part of the town can help reach out to the right target audience. They are effective to catch attention of people who are interested in your business
  • Presence in local events- fairs, talent shows, sports events at schools that allow outside sponsorship , promotions during festivals- all of these help in better reachability.
  • Participation in Housing Society events- Large Housing societies have a number of events round the year, be it festivals or special events such as musical nights and sports events.
  • Promotion in Malls- can help reach out to captive audience
  • Be there where your potential customers are gathered-:  For eg: You wish to promote your tennis academy for students and parents, engage in promotional activities in front of schools or in malls, where you see a large number of parents gathered. This may have a good conversion rate
  • Sponsoring of “No Parking Boards” and other signages can be a cost-effective method to reach out to your potential customers

2)  Sign-ups and feedbacks : Signing up for your services during promotional activities, can help in Conversion of customers. Feedbacks from the existing customers are very important for retaining the existing customers as well as constant quality improvement.

3) Online advertising and Digital presence for Micro-SMEs : Adopt various digital strategies for advertising and promotion of your services and products. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter can help reaching out to masses. These platforms have an ability to capture attention immediately and lucky, businesses may end up getting few captive audience and initial customers as well.

4)  Business pages listings : List on all the local business pages and sites. There are a number of them, choose some that are appropriate for you and has good number of visitors.

The strategies listed above are simple and do not consume much of your effort and budget. They work particularly for small and Micro SMEs who want to stay afloat as well as make a mark in your business.  They can be adopted in combination with each other as you never know what will work!!!!