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SpiderG is a Payment collection application & an API ecosystem to help businesses collect receivables on time & automate reconciliation. For Micro & Small businesses, it's an Ontime Payment collection as one-click payment disbursement app for micro-businesses.

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Businesses that bill the same amount their customers every month. They have a collection problem because with a large number of customers it gets difficult to track who has paid & who has not, and existing apps like Google Pay and Paytm don't help him much

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We did charge a convenience fee on every transaction. Due to low response from the subscriber we had to change the pricing structure.
Upto 300
Rs. 99/month
Rs. 199/month
1000 and above
Customised SMS and SMTP server.
Tailor-made pricing will be
discussed with the LCO

Charging per customer 30 paise

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We charge a nominal convenience fee which is 1.18% of the transaction amount for all online transactions including GST.

Name, Mobile Number, Business Name, Business Address, Business Email & GST Number(If applicable).

To add customers, from the home page click on actions and then click on add customer. Add the basic required details of the customer and click on save. The customer will be added to your list of customers

This extension allows editing the code of block in the app. Also, it's possible to add code to the head and body parts of pages.

To send a bill from the home screen click on actions and then click on create Invoice. Select the customer you will to send the invoice. Then select the product/ service. In case of a recurring bill/invoice select the schedule. Click on Send Invoice button.

The software is absolutely FREE to use. Nominal payment gateway fees applicable if any transaction takes place through our payment link.


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